The Meaning Behind “The Album”

So I decided to create a blog. I’ve been contemplating whether or not I should create one for quite sometime. So here I am, typing my first blog post with zero audience or expectation that someone will see this post as I’m typing this (my self-confidence is high). I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m still figuring things out, I should be fine, bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how it pays off.

My names Matt, I’m 22 and I enjoy writing about a variety of different topics which brings me to how I came up with the name of “The Album”. In an album there are anywhere from 10ish to 18ish songs or something idk who buys albums anymore? (fire-take). Well instead of songs, I have topics I want to write about. First song: Sports…the category is sports and I’ll talk about mostly Boston professional sports teams offering opinions, analysis of the games, reactions, etc. Mostly I’ll talk about how the New England Patriots are so much better than the entire league even so that Tom Brady has to sit out for a four-game suspension and the team is still 3-0.

The Album will contain different categories or “songs” like Movies/TV, Video Games, Sports, Food/Drinks, Music, Amazeballs, etc. The reason I chose this idea is so that I can write about a bunch of different topics that I’m interested in and not being tied down by one specific topic.

I just played a new video game called “Virginia” and I’ll write a review on what I thought of it. So check it out!


One thought on “The Meaning Behind “The Album”

  1. Cool first post Matt! Thanks for the follow. It’s great to see an eclectic mix of interests there, and it’s your blog, so you have complete ownership and freedom of what gets air time. Great to share the WP journey with you! ☺️

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