The Best Clam Chowda in New England

My goodness that looks spectacular! Where else can you get homemade clam chowda fresh from the pot? If you’re from Massachusetts then you’re in luck. If not, then get a plane ticket and rush down to Plymouth, Massachusetts, home to the first pilgrim settlement at our very own The CabbyShack.

The chowda is thick, filled with potatoes and clams. It’s mixed with delicious butter continuing the flavor experience. CabbyShack’s chowda is so good that I shun the thought of tasting other chowdas because they are sub-par in comparison.


The Cabbyshack is a popular spot among locals and tourists. It’s located along the waterfront where one overlooks the ocean where sights of boats, neat shops selling popular local memorabilia, and people walking on rocks ajacent to to the water aren’t hard to come by.

The restaurant is an open environment where there are two bars, one on each floor, mixed with tables to sit down at. The atmosphere emits the vibes of one on vacation where they can enjoy a beer at the bar by the beach with friends. Because essentially, that’s what it is.

If you’re in the area, check this spot out! There are ice cream shops, a rum bar, and other seafood restaurants to try all within walking distance. It’s a great area for a date or just a place to get away.

The CabbyShack is a must try for all seafood lovers who want to experience an authentic New England adventure.


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