I will dive into what video games made a significant impact on my life. Which games I grew up playing as a kid and games I’ve played recently. Teaser: I’ll talk about the timeless PS1 and PS2 games I grew up playing and continue to play to this day as well as modern games like Life is Strange.

Next I will jump into where the best clam chowda I’ve ever tasted comes from and if you’re in the New England area, you need to head down to this spot ASAP. I’ll talk about surrounding restaurants and things to do in the area

Thoughts on Win.Dance.Repeat. Red Sox outfielders after every win congregate to centerfield and dance (I’ll have a gif or video for reference). Spoiler Alert: I LOVE it.

I’ll talk about a film that is spoken entirely in French and you have to read the subtitles (Don’t NEXT it so fast, it is spectacular) I’ll also talk about movies I want to see that are coming out, are in theaters, or are out already. I’ll also recommend some movies from most genres (Action, Comedy, Romance, to name a few) that I’ve seen recently.

Too Early or Too Late. This is where I’ll talk about whether things are, you guessed it too early or too late to do. Example: Christmas lights before Thanksgiving…Shame. Shame. Shame. Unless you’re in college, you should be shamed for such reckless behavior.

More to come, once I figure out how to do gif’s, there are going to be many Larry David Curb gif’s. Read my other two blogs to get a feel for my humor and what I’m about. Follow me on Twitter: @TheAlbumWeb