Some Useful, Effective and Fun Iphone Apps 

The apps I’m going to talk about are apps I use every day. Have you ever been in the car and you turn on the radio halfway through a song and you want to know the name and artist?

Shazam is my favorite app for finding out the names and artists of songs while I’m listening to them in real-time. All you gotta do is tap the shazam button in the app, it listens for like 5 seconds and then boom! You got the song.  Simple as that. Also don’t be a weirdo like me when using it, hides phone by side, sneakily taps Shazam, while friend stands unaware next to me. 

IMDb is my favorite app for Movies/TV and sometimes video games. Example: “What movies has Miles Teller been in?” Search his name, click on it, go to Show All, bing bang boom you got a complete history of all the films he’s been in. The cool thing about the app is that it also shows movies that he is currently working on as well as who else will appear in the movie.

Want to know the song that played in the credits of a movie/TV show? Go to Soundtracks. Want to watch a trailer from a movie in Theaters? It’s on the front page. If you’re a movie guy like me, get the app, and if not, figure it out man!

I used to be a Twitter-hater when it was basically an alternative for Facebook. Then Twitter exploded connecting average people with athletes, celebrities, news, you name it, they’re on there. I could be sitting on my couch at home and tweeting back and forth to Kyle Long, Chicago Bears Offensive Lineman (and a gamer), @Ky1eLong, message him he’s cool. Then the next minute, talking to a buddy about the Red Sox game being played. Only reporters and journalists used to have this access with famous people, now everybody is connected, brilliant stuff right here.

More on Twitter: Twitter is now my Go-To in news. The news stations aren’t reporting real-time information from people on the ground as quickly as Twitter, they are often hours behind. Also I haven’t even mentioned Gifs yet. If your a fan of Gifs and sports give The Gif God “lame nickname for @PeteBlackburn” a follow.


Spotify for music, its free but has ads. Live it, Love it. 

Headspace is a meditation app. “You meditate bro?” Ahhh yeah I do and it’s amazing. The Free version is 10 days of 10 minute meditation. It’s all I use and it’s often what I use to help me fall asleep at night. The guy running the meditation is an Australian dude named Andy with a sweet accent who gently guides you through it, highly recommend. 

Podcasts: basically learning/laughing to yourself with headphones in as strangers judge you. No, but I’m a huge podcast guy. There’s a podcast for everybody. My favorites…Comedy: Fighter and the Kid (comedian Bryan Callen and MMA Fighter “not the stereotype” Brendan Schaub). You laugh and learn a lot here it’s the perfect duo. Pardon My Take with Big Cat and PFT Commentator from Barstoolsports. They are unique, talk about sports, have their own schticks, and are hilarious. I also like Brunch with Pete Blackburn and Dj Bean as well as Whine With Kelly (Kelly Keegs from KFC Radio). And on a more serious note , Tim Ferriss’ podcast has a variety of guests where he interviews the top performers in all walks of life: Billionaires, Chess Prodigies, Wine Experts, there is an interview for everybody.

Clash of Clans and Boom Beach are crazy addictive. Free games, don’t pay $ for anything its not worth it. I’m at the point where it takes 7-14 days to upgrade ONE THING!!!! And I continue to play. Well played developers, well played… 

Gordan Ramsay’s cooking Dash is a spin off of the famous Dining Dash as seen in the past. This game is my favorite where you meal prep recipes for customers. Get 3 stars and you earn gold and coins to purchase upgrades and new venues. This is different from the other two in the way you can play for free and not be pressured into paying real money. You can play multiple times a day with instant upgrades without long waiting periods.

If you recommend any apps I should try Tweet me @TheAlbumWeb or comment below. 


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