Inside The Polish Triangle – Cafe Polonia


That must make your mouth water. It was treat to say the least. This dish contains many types of Polish food that my food pallet loves and craves.

But let’s start with a little background of how I found out about this dish and where to find it.

I’m definitely no expert of The Polish Triangle nor do I frequent this area on a daily basis. However, I make it a habit to visit this restaurant located here as often as I can specifically to get the dish featured in the picture. It’s located in Dorchester, Massachusetts, the Southside of Boston, where the population in the Polish Triangle consists mostly of Polish immigrant American families. My grandparents traveled from Poland to an area close to this. I’m 50% Polish, I guess it’s in my blood that I’m drawn to the food too. So how’d I find out about this area?

I was watching TV one Saturday morning when I flip on the Food Network and a new episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives hosted by Guy Fieri comes on. I check the guide for info. about the episode and it says: Road Trippin’ Through Beantown. I got excited because anybody from Massachusetts (Mass) knows that Beantown means Boston. So Guy rolls up in his fancy red, old-school convertible and hops out in front of “Cafe Polonia”. (Note: YouTube @ 11:35 out of 16:00 Titled: Road Tripping’ Through Beantown – Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives).

So immediately I show this to my mom and we make the trip. The inside is very small with a few tables. The dish I got is the Polish Plate. It includes Stuffed Cabbage (The meatball looking deliciousness on the left of the plate), sauerkraut with this special sauce that added huge amounts of flavor, grilled polish sausage kielbasa (my favorite), and three meat pierogi’s (similar to a ravioli).

My mom sitting across from me in the pink, started with Pickle Soup, her favorite and she can’t stop talking about it every time I mention that we should go there for lunch. For her meal she got Potato Dumplings with gravy that came with meat pierogi’s and sauerkraut. And shit you not our conversation we had after she bit into her first Potato Dumpling resembled a scene straight out of the movie Ratatouille. 


“These taste exactly how my grandmother used to make them for me.” If you look at the featured picture again, you can tell there is just gravy remaining and no potato dumplings. I had a bite and they were fantastic. They have a soft texture like a noodle, easy to chew almost as if they melt in your mouth. It will be a new but wonderful experience if you’ve never had one. Here’s a pic from the Cafe Polonia website to give you an idea of what they look like.

There are many other things to get and it’s an experience being there. You can try some Polish Beer though they have regular drinks too.

I haven’t been there in a while, so maybe I’ll see you in there next time you decide to get a taste of authentic Polish cuisine.

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