A Challenging Workout Using Only A Deck Of Cards

This workout can be done in a hotel room, at your house, or anywhere you see fit. All you need is a deck of 52 playing cards. Here’s how it works:

Example: Each Suit (Heart, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades) are one specific exercise. The number on the card is the number of reps. If it’s a face card (Jack, Queen, King) it counts as 20 reps (can adjust to meet your level; I’ll post two separate examples, one that’s easier and then the one I do). Aces count as 25 reps. 

Easier Workout Example: 

Hearts = Push-Ups 

 Rep Scheme: Number of card = That number of reps (a 10 of Hearts is 10 reps). Face Cards (Jack, Queen, King) are 11 reps. Ace of Hearts is 15 Reps. 

Follow this same format for the other suits. 

Rest: You should try to continue immediately after you complete each card. It becomes difficult when you get multiple cards in the same suit one after another. Take a second to regroup then get back into it.

Diamonds – If you’re a beginner Diamond Push-Ups will be hard especially doing double-sets because of the Hearts cards. Substitute any exercise you see fit that’s challenging for the rep scheme (Squats, Jumping Jacks/Rope, anything).

Clubs: AB Crunches

Spades: Walking Lunges

Challenging Workout Example:

Rep Scheme: Number cards = that amount of reps, Face cards = 20 reps and Aces = 25 reps

Rest: Don’t. It’s meant to be taxing. Don’t think about that you still have half the deck left, take 1 card at a time, CRUSH THAT, then flip the next card.


Hearts = Push-Ups

Diamonds = Diamond Push-Ups

Clubs = 4-count Flutterkicks

Spades = Sit-Ups or AB Crunches

Total reps for Push-Ups = 278 (Hearts/Diamonds 139 reps each)

Total Reps for ABs (278 Clubs/Spades 139 reps each) Not bad for a days work.

Like I mentioned before, you can adjust the exercises however you want and follow the same or a similar format. 

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