It’s October, That Means Pumpkin Beer

Look I’m not trying to be that guy, but I love myself a Pumpkin beer on a Sunday while watching the Patriots destroy opposing teams into the next galaxy. But the thing with seasonal beers like this is that you can only have one or two. Then you have to move to something else like Bud Light or something similar.

Am I a cinnamon rim guy? At my house you better fucking believe it. At the bar, not a chance. You can’t make public spectacles licking the caramel with cinnamon on top around the rim in front of innocent onlooking eyes. What message am I sending off if I do this?, you can’t be THAT guy. As long as your not THAT guy in life, you’ll be alright. I can’t stress that enough, imagine some stud, just an absolute catch at the bar, then he turns around licking the shit out of the rim of his beer. Not a look I’m going to subject myself to.


My boy Benny Franklin knows what he’s talking about. I’m not really a seasonal drink kind of guy. I’ll dabble in some Pumpkin beer in October (Shipyard Pumpkinhead is my favorite, Shock Top’s is trash), and during the winter I’ll drink red wine more often because of that warm feeling you get. During the summer it’s often Corona’s. But other than that, I’m just a light beer guy living in  a complicated beer drinking world.

Recommend me some Pumpkin beers to try.

This blog is shorter than most of my other one’s because 1. The Patriots are on at 1:00 PM and it’s currently 1:00 PM as I’m typing this. B. Tom Brady’s BACK, HE’S BAAAACK!!!!!!! and D. Put the game on, grab a beer and wings for Sunday football and talk to me about it on Twitter @TheAlbumWeb

Any questions leave a comment or Tweet me, Like and Share if you liked my blog.

Oh yeah did I say Tom Brady’s back?







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