Football Sunday Lunch/Dinner

UPDATE: I deleted pictures from my media library and it deleted them permanently from my blog posts all together rather than just the media library. I wrote a blog about me being a moron. These pictures can’t be replaced, until I have this meal again…ugh.

I notice I took these pics from my phone and the food looks like trash, but it was legit, trust me. Read my other food blogs if you discount my claims, ya filthy animal…but I digress

Boom. Bread, cranberry sauce, chicken and gravy and motherfuckin boiled potatoes and butter. On a God damn sandwich. That was my lunch today, it was glooorious.

First: You take the chicken and you put it on the bread, gravy the fuck out of it.

Then: Scoop the potatoes with the butter already mixed in, then add more gravy.

Top it with Cranberry sauce.


Note: If I was going to make it again, put the Cranberry sauce in the middle. It had a PB&J effect. The Cranberry sauce started seeping through the bread. Like PB&J, you need to put peanut butter on BOTH sides of the bread, if you don’t the jelly will seep through (rookie mistake). So Chicken, Cranberry, Potato. Put more chicken than you think because it’ll seem light and if you had as much cranberry as me it will be overpowering.

Dinner: Basically had the same thing minus the sandwich format. A fuck load of chicken and gravy, carrots, and boiled potatoes chopped up filled with butter. The only thing that would of made it better was some corn. But my small dumb brain didn’t think of it at the time…

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