Need a Game To Play While Waiting for Battlefield 1? I Have The Answer

If you’re like me, you have been playing and getting bored with CoD: Infinite Warfare beta and are searching for other games to play. 

Seeing how I am a PS4 owner, I haven’t been able to play Battlefield 1 like Xbox owners who have Early Access. So I have to wait until Friday the 21st before I can relish in it’s glory. 

So I’m going to revisit one of my favorite story-driven games based off of, like Battlefield 1, World War 1. And this game is: Valiant Hearts – The Great War –

This is the perfect game to get you prepared for the narrative following along with the events of World War 1. One of my favorite aspects you see in this game are the “Historical Facts” shown as you the player advance through the game.

It’s a puzzle-adventure game where the player controls five different characters throughout the story. Each character has their own backgrounds, conflicts, and scenarios where the player must interact with certain objects, attain historical items, etc. to progress through the story.

Emile has a different outlook than Freddie.

 The gameplay is much like the popular game Limbo. It’s simplistic in its walk/run left/right, climbing ladders, push said buttons interacting with objects, control system.

However, the story is dynamic where the player must make timely decisions to avoid trouble from gunfire, mortars, car chases, and moving from cover to cover avoiding suspecting soldiers.

The animation and level design is unique and has sort of an old cartoon-like feel. The detail in the environment conveys stronger meaning showing beautiful landscapes and war-torn cities emphasizing its authenticity.

In addition the music is deliberate depending on what’s happening in the story. Example: Pickup a collectable and Lonley Pebble x Daniel Teper will start to play.

The plot sets the realistic vibe of what some of the German citizens living in France experienced. Some getting deported and being forced into the German army to fight against those who were once friends. Others being separated from their wives, husbands, brothers, mothers, family and friends. It captures the horrors of war, the impact it has on people. It doesn’t glorify war like many stories about this time.

The relationship between the characters is all intertwined with one another. As you play through you start to develop feelings for their safety to make it through the war. It challenges our emotions that have been formed through their relationships and highlights the true values of friendship. 

A narrator comments on each characters story, in the case above it’s Emile fighting for the French Army, as they move to different locations showing the passing of time with each little cut-scene.

It’s truly an emotional ride through the eyes of many characters, some who are not human:

It’s a fun game where you learn a lot too. I believe it’s $19.99 in the Playstation Store, but if you were like me, it was once free for playstation plus members. Add all free games to your library even if its not your type of game, it may surprise you. 

Rating: 8.5/10

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