The Wrentham Outlets and Unos Restaurant

In case you have never read my blogs, they are fired straight from the hip, Arnold Schwarzenegger style, no filter. The reasoning is because I want to be different from other food and variety blogs that you read. That being said, I’m going to talk about shopping and food. I’m the guy that when I go shopping, I seek all the things I want and leave. When I go with my mom or friends, we linger. And I’m always thinking, “Can’t wait to get out of here.”

Well, I don’t get this at the Wrentham Outlets in Wrentham, Massachusetts. “The Outlets” for short, are stores in an outside walk-through mall like setup. Some of the stores include: Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lids, Kate Spade, Under Armour, Lindt Chocolate, to name a few.

The variety of stores is what makes The Outlets great. It’s outside so in the summer it’s a popular spot, where often times tourists are visiting. People from all over the world travel here and I’ve listened in on people speaking German, which is very unusual in this area, unless your a tourist, duh.

After shopping, we always head over to Unos for lunch. The featured photo is Shrimp and Crab dip. It’s dynamite and my mom and I get it every time. The garlic bread is fresh and crunchy. The pieces of crab and shrimp are small enough where they don’t engulf the bread while spreading it across, but big enough to fill your needs. This is the ideal appetizer if you’re a seafood/dip fan.


This is another appetizer, often times we just get apps for lunch because we want to try the menu and apps include many different types of food in small portions. We’ve never gotten this dish before. It includes Buffalo Chicken quesadilla (it was two pieces of pizza stuffed together), Chicken Bites, BBQ Ribs, and Pretzel bread.

Originally we were going to get Buffalo Chicken Bites, but decided to go with Fireball Whiskey Bites instead because we already had Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas picked. Best decision we could’ve made. It tastes kind of like a sweet gold fever chicken with a cinnamon kicker at the end. The flavors are impressive, sweet but spicy. The Fireball marinate is covered dripping off the meat. To the point where dipping sauce is an afterthought.

The BBQ Ribs are pretty good, nothing incredible. Maybe I think differently because whenever I go to the South I get ribs and they basically slide off the bone and melt in your mouth.

The Pretzel Bread sticks with butter were a nice addition, would definitely recommend this plate.


With any meal, the beverage is just as important. Usually when out to lunch I’d have a beer (Corona and Lime), but here I enjoy their Mango Ice Tea. It’s the best Mango Iced Tea I’ve ever had and no other place has made one similar to date. But if you do decide to have an alcoholic beverage, they have plenty of different beers, wines, sangrias, on their menu.

If you’re in this area, stop by The Outlets, buy some cool things, then head over to Unos and try out some of these sweet apps.

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