The Power of Imagination: Always Dream Big

In my blog yesterday about the YouTube series: Army Men – Plastic Apocalypse, I had an epiphany. I realized that my love for making up stories to write about came from my early childhood experiences of playing with toy soldiers. 

I think this is an important learning step for kids. It’s unconscious and allows any kid to create a story of their own without even thinking about it. And it doesn’t have to be toy soldiers. I had Matchbox race cars/police cars/firetrucks, I had Big Head Football players, the amount of imagination is up to each individual. 

(From L to R: Terrelle Davis, Deion Sanders, Dan Marino, Reggie White, Troy Aikman, and Curtis Martin).

It’s a pretty cool thing when you think about it too, young imaginators creating stories in a blink of an eye and they’re always changing. They aren’t scripted, they are being developed by improving, whether it’s dialog or action sequences. 

These stories I imagined every day has fueled my passion for writing, creating, and eventually pursuing one of my lifelone dreams as a kid. The cool thing about having a large imagination and dreaming big is that I have multiple dreams/goals for myself. One of those dreams is writing/creating stories. 

I didn’t realize through college that this was truly a passion of mine. But is being a writer/creator a college major? I still haven’t put much thought into it because I’m out of school now. I took maybe two creative writing courses in both high school and college and loved my time in them, I didn’t want to leave. This is rare because, though I did well in school, some classes like Art had me drooling off the side of my face because of boredom. 

What I studied in college is what I thought would help my other dream. But in order for that other dream to work, further schooling is a must or else one wouldn’t even get your foot in the door. You can see the constant struggle of life complicated things.

The one thing that I’ll always have is my power of imagination and that can’t be taught, but slowly developed overtime. It’s why I adore movies, video games, books, and tv shows. Those same writers, directors, game designers, and actors all have a similar vision. Write stories that excite us to create. 

In the end, find something that excites you and pursue that. It’s going to be hard because nothing that is easy is worth it (unless it is, JACKPOT!) Always dream big and always develop that imagination of yours, who knows maybe you could be the next great creator, because I’m sure as hell trying to be too

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One thought on “The Power of Imagination: Always Dream Big

  1. This is really interesting to read about someone who has the same passion! I can definitely agree with creative writing classes being boring rather than stimulating. I actually studied creative writing as my major at university, we call it our dissertation, not sure if it’s called the same where you are from. But it was basically 15,000 words of prose and it was the longest piece I’d ever written. It really gave me focus and I pushed myself to meet the deadlines that were forced upon me. I don’t know about you, but there is something about trying to pursue a passion like writing that is hard to self motivate. How do you sit down and write and write and write when you know nothing might come of it? That’s why I think classes are beneficial, in a way it forces you to do what you love.

    I’ll definitely be following your posts to see how you get on! Always good to have a fellow writer on here 🙂

    Good luck!



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