Battlefield 1 Review

After recently finishing the campaign I can now write my official review for Battlefield 1. During the campaign, you as the player travel through 6 different perspectives during World War 1 also known as The Great War. I like how they chose this route because the battlefield was a massive scale across Europe. So we get a taste of the experience from Americans, French, Arabians, British, Australians and other nations and what they went through during the war. I specifically liked the War Story design because the player has a more emotional connection with the character.

Because there are only 6 War Stories in the campaign fought by different nations and armies, we see a variety of different mission types and environments. From a Tank Driver patrolling at night, to a rogue pilot flying through the mountains, to an elite ground unit attacking a stronghold. The variety of mission types gives the player a a new and exciting mission that’s not repetitive so it’s always a fun and new experience.

One thing specifically that I thought was an absolute MUST, was including the horrors of the war. World War 1 and World War 2 had a catastrophic impact on the world. Hundreds of millions of people were killed in hellacious ways. Including the maniacal screams of charging soldiers fixed with bayonets at the enemy, screams of soldiers being wounded, and containing cut-scenes with the protagonists reacting to the violence, highlighted the horrors and realities of war. They didn’t try to romanticize war that is often seen in movies. They conveyed the emotions through the individual stories and showed the impacts it had on them.

One thing about the War Stories that I’m curious about is whether the names are based off of real people and this is their story being shown. T.E. Lawrence is mentioned, but are the protagonists in the plot actual people, or just based off of experiences soldiers had? If not a specifically, I feel like that is a missed opportunity. Imagine the thousands of stories that are unknown to the world and can be brought into the limelight through a medium like Battlefield.

Soundtracks in games are one of my favorite features and can make a good game great. For starters, the Battlefield 1 reveal commercial got viewers and players like me excited to play: Battlefield 1 – Seven Nation Army Remix – The White Stripes. The soundtrack was composed by Johan Söderqvist and Patrik Andrên. The tracks I enjoyed the most were from missions “The Runner” and “Nothing Is Written” where you can listen here.

The replay value on the single-player isn’t a 10 because the War Stories can get repetitive when the player is following a linear narrative. It does allow the player to approach different levels in their own way, whether they want to go in guns blazing, or spot enemies through binoculars and sneak around them.

Single-player is my favorite experience. It’s like an interactive movie for me. My rating for this  Single-player experience is based off of categories.

Gameplay: 9
Graphics/Level Design: 10
Narrative: 9.5
Soundtrack: 10
Replay Value: 8.5

Overall Single-player Rating: 9.4

Multi-player in Battlefield has been dynamite since Battlefield 4. There are many game modes including new Operations mode and War Pigeon mode. In Operations the maps are typically large-scale because there are two teams covering large amounts of area: one team must gain control of two points A and B in each sector, while the other team defends. There are 6 sectors that must be controlled to win the game. If the defenders prevent this, then they win the game. The attackers get three chances or rounds to gain control of all sectors. The advantage in this game-mode is that if the attackers fail, then next round they are reinforced with a battleship or zeppelin attack blimp. However, the defenders just have to hold the points and can win just as easily.

Operations is my favorite mode because you earn the most points and all four classes can be utilized effectively depending on what sector your attacking/defending. One of the coolest features in Operations mode is that if the attackers gain control of all the sectors in a map, the game continues and moves onto another map within that battle space. Players can earn up to 10,000 XP or more in this game mode. I’ve found that it makes it an easier mode to rank-up in.

War Pigeon mode is a new mode to the Battlefield series where players must race around a map in search for the war pigeon. Once players gain control of the pigeon, they must hold onto it, write a message, then release it into the air to gain points. However, the opposing team can shoot the pigeon out of the sky preventing a point. It’s a cool new mode that has a similar feel to capture the flag with a new twist.

Other modes like Conquest, Team Deathmatch and Rush are featured in the game. The gameplay is spectacular. In previous Battlefield games, I specifically played as one or two classes (Assault and Sniper). But Battlefield 1 found a way to balance each weapons class to make them both effective and heavily utilized in certain situations. For example I may first start out as a Sniper firing at enemies from a distance because they aren’t close to the capture points A, B, or C. Then I notice that all my teammates are dying close quarters with the enemy and the Medic class will help us defend the target by reviving dead teammates. If a capture point is located inside a house and the enemy is held up inside, then I will change to the Support class, pull out the mortar, and drop mortars on top of the house, leveling all cover they once had.

The tanks in multiplayer are very powerful and it’s been a strong addition adding anti-tank equipment to every class creating that previous balance I mentioned among the class structure. The planes are effective in bombing runs, but can be shot down relatively easily. The balance in all aspects makes the overall gaming experience a relief and makes it that much more challenging and fun. There isn’t one thing that is completely dominant over the other.

The Gameplay plays just as well as the single-player. Though I found that the sensitivity default is low, but can be changed to fit your level. Also I found that when rushing to bayonet someone, the player can’t stop mid-charge and hop behind cover, he must continue the charge.

The Graphics/Level Design are superb. The destructible buildings and environment returns that all Battlefield fans truly love. Tanks can drive through building structures and mortars can destroy windmills and snipers on roofs. The levels in multiplayer are the same from those played in single-player. So the player who has played multi-player first, may have an advantage while playing single-player because they are familiar with the map already.

Battlefield 1 captures the Unique Playing Experience because it introduced the new World War 1 setting that most players have never experienced. There are new weapons systems, new tanks, new aircraft, and new environments to explore. Battlefield is sticking to its routes, while other gaming franchises are pursuing futuristic gameplay.

Multi-player Rating:

Game Modes: 9
Balance Weapon Systems: 10
Gameplay: 10
Graphics/Level Design: 10
Unique Playing Experience: 9

Rating: 9.6

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

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