Podcasts Are Great For Multi-Tasking, But NEED Variety 

I often listen to podcasts when I’m driving, before bed, or playing multi-player video games (not single player because I’m balls deep, as my first host of a podcast would say, in the story).

1 The Fighter & The kid


Right now, The Fighter & The Kid is my favorite podcast to listen to. No other hosts have the chemistry these two goof balls have. Brendan Schaub (The Fighter) is a former Heavy Weight MMA fighter. Bryan Callen (The Kid) is a comedian. The duo are perfect for one another, not only because they are best friends, but they both provide unique outlooks on questions and perspectives from experiences. They talk about the UFC, current events, and interview guests who range from current and former athletes, comics, entertainers, musicians, you name it, they’ve probably had them as a guest on the show.

My favorite unofficial segment on the show is when they talk about animals. One episode talked about the strength and savagery of chimpanzee’s. They have the strength to rip a mans arm off, they are terrifying. They talk about the difference between crocodiles and gators. What dogs have the best smell. They talk about animals more than they think or intend to and thats why I’m declaring it the unofficial segment of the show.

You don’t have to be an MMA fan to enjoy this show either. It helps to know some of the lingo when Schaub talks about certain upcoming fights, but it’s not a requirement. In fact, I didn’t know who Schaub was until this show. He’s now pursuing stand-up comedy and he couldn’t be a better person to do it. Bryan has a wealth of inside knowledge of the struggles of growing up trying to be a comic while engaging with the viewers with cool stories that are not mimicked anywhere else. Can’t recommend this show more, it’s one of my favs.

2 Brunch


Brunch is one of the more relateable shows I’ve ever listened to. One thing I like is how they break down the barriers when talking about certain topics. It’s not a macho-chest beating tough guy podcast, rather the opposite in fact. Guys talking about male actors who are good looking, but not in a gay way (not like that matters) but in a way that’s funny. When guys sit around and talk we talk about everything from girls, sports, whatever. So Brunch introduces some new banter. Another thing I liked is that they play fill-in restaurant noise that makes it sound like they are sitting at Brunch in a restaurant and not in a studio, it’s a nice touch.

The two hosts are DJ Bean a former Bruins beat writer who currently works for Comcast SportsNet and Pete Blackburn who writes for Fox Sports. They both have large followings on Twitter and interact often with their readers. Their guests range from actors in Friday Night Lights, Stranger Things, and writers like John Feitelberg from Barstool Sports. 

Deeeej and Pete have great musical recommendations and I often find myself pausing the podcast to go look them up. It’s a comedy podcast that airs on Mondays and Fridays on Soundcloud and ITunes (go to soundcloud because it uploads faster).

3 Barstool Podcast Network


Barstool Sports is a website I frequent daily. Anybody from Boston or the New England area for that matter, has heard of and reads this site all the time. Many professional sports players read and interact with the writers creating content. Most notably Rob Gronkowski who did a Bro Show with some of the writers. Other athletes including Logan Couture from the Sharks, Greg Olson from the Carolina Panthers, Dustin Pedroia from the Boston Red Sox, and many other athletes and people involved in the sports industry.

The Barstool network has podcasts  like: KFC Radio, Mailtime, Whine With Kelly, Scoring Position, to name a few. As well as very popular hits like Pardon My Take and The Dave Portnoy Show. Most of the shows are built off of schticks the writers created for themselves. On Pardon My Take Chicago’s writer Big Cat hosts with PFT Commenter and they feed off of one another with outlandish remarks that if you weren’t aware of their schticks you would think they were crazy, weird, or both. The Dave Portnoy Show hosted by Barstool’s megabrain David Portnoy, also known as El “Prez” Presidente. His bread and butter is a comedic show Power Hour where callers call in and he answers their questions with a funny take/story, or puts the caller in a mental pretzel for asking a moronic question.

Barstool is almost like a cult. Someone attacks a beloved Barstool writer on Twitter? It looks something like this – Video for sound click here


It’s also a crazy community of normal dudes and some (few) gals. After the Boston Marathon Bombings Barstool raised a quarter of a million dollars from T-shirt sales to donate to the victims affected in the tragedy. They are unlike any other website/podcasts on the Internet.

4 BK News Roundup


BK News Roundup talks about the things going on in politics and foreign policy. It’s a great little podcast from a former Air Force Pararescueman (the badasses of the Air Force). He’s a great follow on Twitter, his name is @BKactual. He gives a no BS outlook on these types of stories and will give it to you straight. He’s very educated on the matter and he’s also very personable. As a viewer I can tell he’s passionate about this country and I personally can share a disgruntled outlook on many topics he covers. I’m not a big politics guy, but BK tells cool stories from his time in the military, gives insights on foreign policy topics like terrorism, and interacts with listeners on Twitter about crazy news stories.

5 Nerdist


5 Nerdist is a relatively new podcast that I’ve been listening to. What drew me in was it’s high-profile guests. Domhnall Gleeson is one of my favorite upcoming actors and it was a pleasant, funny, wonderful interview. Some other guests include Sarah Jessica Parker, Paul Rudd, and Seth Rogan. They are able to get the guests that many podcasts dream of having on (shouts to Brunch and Miles Teller). They have many episodes so I have a lot to catch up on. But they are interesting and inquisitive.

6 The Tim Ferriss Show


Tim Ferriss’ podcast is what turned me onto podcasts all together. I can’t quite remember when the first time I listened to him was, but it was an incredible decision because I’ve learned a wealth of knowledge since. It’s a very educational podcast hosted by Tim Ferriss who’s a millionaire venture capitalist, best-selling author, and podcast extraordinaire. Sam Kass is one of my favorite interviews. Kass is a world class chef, especially since he worked as President Obama’s Chef in the White House. He talks about how he got his start in Italy traveling abroad for school, working part-time as a sous chef, his relationship with President Obama, and things including what it’s like being a chef and making simplistic foods for himself instead of the fancy food he makes at work.

Tim Ferriss “interviews world-class athletes, chess prodigies, former special forces soldiers”, anybody who has dominated their field of expertise. Like the interview with Sam Kass, my other favorites include an interview with Laird Hamilton an Olympic Swimmer and Richard Betts a wine connoisseur.

7 Game Informer


Similar to Nerdist, The Game Informer is a new podcast I’ve been listening to. I only recently heard about them when I signed up as a Pro Member at Gamestop and got a free Game Informer magazine, and now I’m hooked. I’ve been searching for quite sometime for a great gaming podcast, but few talk about the games I’m interested in.

The Game Informer are like other gaming magazines and websites I frequent as often as possible: Gamespot, IGN, and Godisageek. They talk about upcoming games, give reviews and thoughts about certain studios, and other gaming topics. The best part is, is that they too, are gamers themselves. Another gamer giving me information about a game I know nothing about? Love it.

The Joe Rogan Experience 


Similar to The Fighter & The Kid and The Tim Ferriss Show, Joe Rogan has a guests for everyone. Some are MMA fighters/Special Forces soldiers like Tim Kennedy, Comedians like Bill Burr, life coaches like Tony Robbins and Sam Harris. Rogan’s podcast is perfect for a plane ride or the commute to work because it’s most often 3 hours long. Bored as fuck during the day? Put Rogan’s podcast on and workout. Learn something new while also being a savage, two birds one stone.

If I think of any new podcasts I forgot to include or discover new podcasts in the future, I’ll update the blog below the original with an “UPDATE” section.

Comment below or Tweet me @TheAlbumWeb with suggestions of podcasts to listen to. These are my go-to’s. Give me a Like if you enjoyed my list. 





3 thoughts on “Podcasts Are Great For Multi-Tasking, But NEED Variety 

  1. Sounds like you mostly listen to non-fiction podcasts, but as a fellow Bostonian, I MUST recommend Greater Boston – it’s a speculative fiction podcast about the Red Line seceding from the rest of the city to form its own municipality. Made by locals, with real audio footage from the trains!

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