My Favorite Songs I Can’t Understand The Words To, But Love

Confusing title? It’s exactly how it sounds. Beautiful songs written and sang in different languages.

1 Now We Are Free – Lisa Gerrard – Gladiator 

An all-time classic. It’s a sad song for a sad ending of a movie. If you haven’t seen Gladiator, have you just not seen movies before? It’s a beautiful song I have non but the slightest clue of what she is saying, yet it’s amazing. Music is one of the few things that can bring a group of people together without understanding the language.

2 Exploration – Hungarian Symphony Orchestra – Coraline

I just recently watched the film Coraline and I’ll be writing a review of it sometime soon. The harp makes it sound uplifting like Coraline is dancing and playing in the rain. I heard that the language spoke is literally Gibberish. Didn’t know that was a thing, but pretty cool nonetheless.

3 Latika’s ThemeSlumdog Millionaire – No words, just humming, but wanted to include in the list.

Slumdog Millionaire is such an underrated movie, not in the sense of the praise that it got and awards won, but in the sense of the average movie viewer. I barely hear it talked about as being great while talking about it with family or friends. Most say “Yea it was alright” and when told that it won 8 oscars they are shocked. Well with a love story, their needs to be a beautiful song playing when the main characters share a moment, Latika’s song is perfect for just that.

4 Gortoz A Ran – Lisa Gerrard – Black Hawk Down

An emotionally sad song for one of the worst days in American military history. The operation was supposed to be in-and-out and was just that, until Somali rebels shot down a Black Hawk helicopter turning the operation on its head. 18 soldiers were killed-in-action and many more were wounded. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s comparable to Saving Private Ryan in the way that it was received and is considered one of the best portrayals of war. This song is very emotional so after listening to it, go to YouTube if you’re not there already and listen to September – Earth, Wind & Fire because how can you not be happy while it’s playing.

5 The End – Lisa Gerrard – Man on Fire

Man on Fire is one of Denzel Washington’s best movies. It’s one of my favorites, The Equalizer, which he starred in a few years later, was basically a shitty version of Man on FireIt’s about a former black ops agent who was hired to protect Pita, a young girl (Dakota Fanning) in Mexico City known for it’s increasing problem of kidnappings in exchange for ransom. When Pita is kidnapped herself, Creasy (Denzel Washington) swears he will hunt down all those responsible.

Like many of the songs already mentioned, these songs tear at your heartstrings. The movies the songs appear in are often dramas, emotional rollercoasters, the viewer leaves with a lasting impact. For some reason, these are the songs and instrumentals that I listen to when I need to focus, study, or get my mind off of things. Sometimes I think about the movie the song is associated with, other times it’s just clutter allowing me to get my best work in. A less depressing vibe is next.

6 Protectors of the Earth – Two Steps From Hell – Lord of the Rings

When I hear this song I think of two things. One is the badass scene in Lord of the Rings when a massive battle is about to happen. It pumps me up and I could run through a brick wall when I hear it. It’s so badass I can’t stress it enough, from the drums making my heart pound through my chest, the chorus in the background adding to the drama, and the video attached, it’s intense. It can literally make every video montage into an EPIC one. The other thing this song is perfect for is the funny and outrageous spoof videos with this song attached to it.If you have any absurd running videos, just add this song and say something about your girlfriends parents not being home and you have an instant joke classic.

Send me some of your favorites by commenting below or Tweet me @TheAlbumWeb

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Songs I Can’t Understand The Words To, But Love

  1. I have the theme of Black Hawk Down in my playlist and it really gives you the chills . Slum dog Millionaire has of course A R Rahman’s genius written all over and some of his best work is reflected in Indian films like Roja and Dil Se. Will be checking the other soundtracks on your list ; I’ve seen those those movies but never paid attention .

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