Life of Pi (2012) Review

Life of Pi is the perfect film. The story begins as a writer in Canada visits an Indian man by the name of Pi Patel in hopes of learning about his life to tell his story. Thus bringing us along on a journey from his childhood living on a zoo in India with his family to subsequently going through tough times, so their family is forced to move to Canada. Traveling by boat, Pi, his family, and the few remaining zoo animals board a ship that embarks on a trip to sail to Canada.
Unfortunately rough seas create a catastrophic event, leaving Pi and a furocious Bengal Tiger to co-exist on a lone lifeboat.

Pi soon learns more about himself than he has ever experienced before. The realization of self-discovery, companionship and faith create an unmatched combo to an epic adventure.

I say this film is perfect because it captures many emotions: Anger, Sadness, Happiness, Laughter, Excitement. It allows us to feel the real danger, boredom, fear, hunger, and love despite never actually experiencing it ourselves. Allowing our imaginations to run free.

The imagery created through what normally would be seen as a dull enviornment (lifeboat stranded at sea) had me at times thinking “Wow” as I was taking in the moment. Beautiful interactions with sealife and mother nature help engulf these views.

The character development slowly builds from the beginning, which allowed me to genuinely care for Pi  and the Begal Tiger’s well being. That companionship is one of respect. It’s not equivalent to the bond between human and dog because we can live amongst each other without the fear of being eaten.

Life of Pi is an extraordinary tale and an experience for all movie lovers.


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