Unlocking The Truth – The Next Great Metal Band

Let me first start off by saying that I am no expert when talking about metal or bands in this genre. I mostly listen to country, Hip-Hop, punk-rock, pretty much everything except opera. That being said, I do know sound that makes me smile, fired up, and bob my head along like the best of them.

Unlocking The Truth is a metal band out of Brooklyn, New York. They are the first all Black metal band I’ve seen, ever. So that’s pretty cool. And do you know what’s cooler than being unique in that way in this genre? They are only teenagers, and started when they were like 13 fucking years old and they’re already this good.

The band members are Malcolm: Lead guitarist/vocals, Jarad on the drums, and Alec; Bass/Badass

Other than their uniqueness and age, their flare is what truly made me a fan of theirs. Malcolm shreds his guitar like a savage (term of endearment in case you thought that was an insult), Alec jumps around getting the crowd involved, and Jarad beats the drums like he’s mad at them. It’s truly a spectacle to watch.

I can’t quite remember how I stumbled upon these guys, it was probably a viral video going around the Internet about 3 years ago. The video was of them playing on a street corner in New York and they were putting on an asbolute fire flames show. Here is the video.

Fast forward to tonight, I’m searching for new music to jam to, and I think, “Hm, I wonder if these guys have any new songs.”

And of course, they are crushing it, and have released an entire album called Chaos. Some of the songs from the first video appear in this album with added vocals. Others are new songs I’ve never heard before.

My favorites on the album are: Take Control and Monster

I’m not a “metal head” by any means, in fact the only times I listen to metal is when I’m about to work out or go crush something that I need to be fired up to do. And even then it might be something like punk rock, Hip-Hop, or the newer club EDM style music. I’m not really into the scream-o type singing, I love the instruments, especially the lead guitar. Unlocking The Truth is one of my favorites and they are just getting started.

I’m going to sleep and when I wake up, it will be to a badass riff from one of their songs from my alarm on my phone 🤘

Twitter: @TheAlbumWeb 

If you workout, travel, or just chill, hit me up and I’ll give you an absolute fire flames 🔥 playlist


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