My Favorite News Story of ALL TIME – Involves Sharks, Spearfishing, and Beer

Shark, Spear Fishing, Beer

I remember the first time reading about this guy and thinking, “That dude is badass”. If I was spear fishing and just been attacked by a shark, the first thing I would probably do is go to the hospital and be thankful I survived.

Not James Grant though, a 24 year old doctor decides that he is not going to let some dinosaur take his leg from him in the murky 6 feet of water while he was spearfishing. After realizing that the tugging on his leg wasn’t a friend messing with him, Grant took his big old knife and stabbed the shark in his tiny dinosaur brain, forcing him to let go.

After fighting off the shark, running onto shore to stitch up his leg, Grant decided to drag his large cajones across the beach and over to the local pub for a beer to tell his tale.

What an odd looking shark too, New Zealand is a fascinating place. You have guys like James Grant who said, “It would have been great if I had killed it because there was a fishing competition on at the Colac Bay Tavern”, to sharks that don’t even look like sharks, but aliens.

Imagine being at that competition and seeing some guy walk in with a shark over his shoulder, leg wrapped with soaked wet blood seeping through, with a beer in hand and a smile on his face. If you had a girlfriend with you and suddenly she disappeared from sight, then you know that Grant just literally and figuratively stole your girl.

Take Aways:

I will never be as cool as this New Zealand doctor. Spear Fishes Check. Probably a handsome lad Check. Gets into fights with sharks, and wins Check. Stitches up his own wounds Check. Recounts this folk-lore and takes home the hottest girl every night, obviously Check.

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