A Disgruntled American Discovering Ice Wine for the First Time

I say I’m disgruntled because you Canadian and German bastards have been stashing away your incredible, invaluable ice wine all for yourselves. I was scrolling through WordPress and searched “Wine” where it led me to discover this incredibly dynamic wine.

Wake up and want to have Brunch? Yea I’ll take some Ice Wine.
Cheese and Crackers as an app before dinner? Ice wine me.
Eat some steak with red wine and want an after dinner drink? ICE WINE NOW.

Granted I’m only 22 years old and just cracking into the wine scene but literally nobody I know has ever heard of ice wine. I remember I went out to eat for my mom’s birthday couple weekends ago and I saw Inniskillin Vidal Ice Wine on the dessert drink menu. But just one problem, a tiny shot of this spectacular drink costs a whopping $135 for one. You can get a full bottle for about $60 (apparently you only drink a little bit, odd, maybe that’s why Americans never heard of it).

So I had to reluctantly pass on the ice wine. Seeing ice wine on the menu at Toscas in Hingham, Massachusetts (the restaurant I just mentioned) threw me into a frenzy to get my hands on it. Unfortunately the Inniskillin company doesn’t ship to Massachusetts home addresses, damn laws.

(All photos used for this blog post courtesy of Google Images, Inniskillin.com and Canada.com)

However, I have found a local winery that sells 375mL bottles. I plan on getting a bottle for Christmas as a gift to my family (best kept secret indeed). Though never actually tasting it before, I have never heard a bad word about it. EVER. I’ve done my research on YouTube watching how Ice Wine is made (their are plenty of videos and blogs on WordPress about it) so I’m not going to get into that.

Every single person who has tried it or samples different ice wines has a curious look on their face at first, accompanied with a warm smile that leads to laughter of, “yuuuup that’s good”. 

I think my favorite part about having a blog on WordPress other than writing my own posts is learning of new cultures and food recipes. I have already made a Banana Cream Pie from an article I found here. And guess what they recommended to have with it…

So I just wrote an entire blog about ice wine, which I’ve never even tried beforedamn Canadians (just kidding love my friends up North). I know a lot of you probably have had Ice Wine, so recommend me the best flavors and brands to try. Because I only know of Inniskillin being a dynamite powerhouse in the ice wine game.


Pour a glass and laugh maniacally at my pain and lack of access to your beautiful treat.


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