TellTale Announces New Guardians of the Galaxy Game

Not a big fan of video games? Fine no worries, many of my friends aren’t and don’t dabble in the games that I do. However, TellTale writes story-driven games where the player must pick and choose dialog, actions in the game that have consequences, and often times who lives and dies.

Imagine having that type of control as a viewer of your favorite TV show or movie? That would be wild watching like Stranger Things and being like, “Eleven, DEAD”. (I would never, Eleven is a legend).

TellTale has previously released popular titles like Game of Thrones, Tales of the Borderlands, Batman, The Wolf Among Us, Minecraft, and my favorite The Walking Dead. 

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is being released Dec. 20th, and I’m beyond amped about it. Clementine is a badass and I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for her next.


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TellTale is my favorite franchise, that felt weird typing and admitting to. If you have a PS4, an Xbox One or a PC, give these popular titles a chance and maybe they will open your eyes to the video game world. If your a gamer and love these games, then you are wise my son (Mr. Miyagi voice)…

My favorite TellTale Series in order from Best to Least Favorite
1. The Walking Dead (Season 1) but Season 2 is good too
2. Tales from the Borderlands
3. The Wolf Among Us
4. Game of Thrones
5. Batman
6. Back to the Future: The Game
7. Jurassic Park
8. Haven’t played Minecraft so it’s last

I imagine Guardians of the Galaxy will be as good as The Walking Dead because of the beloved cast. The Walking Dead TellTale made new characters instead of the one’s in the show. I’m interested to see how they plan to tell the story, whether they will follow the movies, or make an entire new story using the same characters.

Can’t wait for Guardians of the Galaxy either? Tweet me your favorite TellTale series @TheAlbumWeb and let’s discuss what other TV/Films TellTale should tackle. Never heard of TellTale?



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