Do NOT Delete Pictures/Gifs From Your Media Library

I’m am going to rage! That’s my mind right now, “I’m am going to rage!”, I can’t even type correctly. I just deleted probably about half my pictures from my WordPress Media Library because I thought they would just get deleted and would still be in my blogs. Now I have to get all those pictures back, that are not backed-up anywhere. So I have to go back to every individual blog that I deleted a picture from and replace it.

So this is a warning to any bloggers who read this and are thinking about doing the same, DON’T. I’m honestly not as upset or mad as I thought I’d be this is me talking myself down. It seems like something I’d do and not think about consciously then mid-delete check if the pictures are being deleted permanently from my blogs all together, rather than just the library.

I’m sitting here writing a video game blog all jolly and happy getting excited for the games I’m getting for Christmas next week one second. Then the next, decide to free up some not needed space whatsoever just to make it easier to insert pictures, and poof, gonzo. Goodbye pictures.

So if you look back and see some of my blogs that are picture less, I’m working on getting those back, fuuuuuuck.

Follow me on Twitter @TheAlbumWeb at least I still have that going for me. Thinking about it now has me just saying fuuuuuuuck fuuuuuuuck faaaaaaaaahhhhhck over and over again. Unreal



6 thoughts on “Do NOT Delete Pictures/Gifs From Your Media Library

    1. I wasn’t even at the limit, I felt like it was a pain in the ass because I had Gifs key’d up for certain blogs. Just to make it easier wanted to delete them then POOF. It said “Do you want to permanently delete this” and I thought it applied to the library not the each individual blog post. Lesson learned the hard way, like most things. Hope my followers learn from my mistake so they don’t follow in my blogging footsteps


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