First Milestones and a Chocalatey Christmas

First milestones: 50 Followers and 100 Likes. There hasn’t been a better decision I can think of than choosing WordPress as my home in the blogosphere. I haven’t come across a negative person, it’s crazy to think about because the Internet is filled with haters and people who like talking smack about literally everything.

I figured I write something thanking those who like my content. It means the world and I didn’t even think people would be reading or like reading what I had to offer. I try to add humor to make you guys laugh and put my own spin on things. So Thanks!

Now some chocolate!



Christmas is next week and I have a strong feeling it’s gonna be a White Christmas. That feeling comes from the weatherman predicting 1 to 2 inches of snow last night and we got hammered with about 6 inches (couple years ago we got 7 feet in 3 weeks, but that’s a tale for another day). Last year it was 65 DEGREES OUT! IN BOSTON! IN DECEMBER! It was like I woke up on another planet. I was wearing shorts. We had to put the beer in the fridge instead of just leaving it outside, bizarre, you’re telling me!

First sign of snow and I’m running to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate. And not just any hot chocolate, John Fuckin’ Wayne Hot Chocolate. John Wayne? The Man, The Myth, The Legend John Wayne? YES that one. I remember seeing it in the store and beelined for the shelf. Like I was a shark smelling blood for the first time or a dog seeing a squirrel, I had to have it.

I got a close-up picture for it as well. My favorite John Wayne movie is The Cowboys. If you haven’t seen it, it might be on TV, but most likely you’ll have to buy the DVD because it’s mad old. But it’s a classic, IMdB it if you don’t believe me.


So enough about how unreal my hot chocolate is, I also have some other chocolate I need to tackle. I actually had a whole chocolate pairing food blog cued up but it looks like that’s getting trashed.

Remember my Ice Wine  post? Well, I was able to find a Liquor store, not even a winery (they had everything, literally), about 20 minutes from my house that sold Ice Wine. It’s been there all along and I never knew about it. I dropped a hundo ($100) on 3 bottles of Ice Wine. Got a bottle of Inniskillin Vidal Ice Wine, can’t wait to try that one! It’s the Ice Wine featured in my blog. Got some random one and a chocolate flavored Ice Wine or something. I honestly can’t remember because it’s wrapped and stashed away in a hiding spot because it’s a Christmas present to my family And me of course, I get to have some, Right? Right!? They wouldn’t even know it existed without me, ugh.

I’ll have a Ice Wine Review blog post around Christmas or maybe a few days after.

Pinot Noir (Red) Wine in Hot Chocolate

I’ve heard people doing this and they swear by it insisting it’s delicious. Like the Ice Wine, I haven’t tried this either. Your thinking, “Great then why even include it, if you’ve never even tried it in the first place?” And my response would be something like, “Because if it wasn’t delicious, it wouldn’t be a thing.” Think about that, Einstein! You ever put a Nip of peppermint Schnapps in hot chocolate before? It is quite good. Because I already had some hot chocolate, I’m gonna wait for another time to divulge in this mighty fine practice and I’ll add a comment about my thoughts.


That is a S’mores shot modeled off of the famous jell-o shots. My cousin made these for Thanksgiving. Once the wine was flowing, the food was consumed in our hungry bellies, these bad boys were busted out of the fridge. Once I get my hands on the recipe, I’ll share. Eaten with a fork for maximum scoopage. And a piece of Hershey Chocolate on top. Oh and the vodka, it was heavy vodka. Very strong if I might add, my cousin went a little heavy on the alcohol mostly because I think she wanted to be on the safe side. Well none were left before the night was over.

Also if you don’t know what S’mores are…


It’s a graham cracker, a roasted marsh mellow, and enough Hershey Chocolate to cover the cracker sandwiched together. People are geniuses for coming up with these amazing food combinations. This is a tangent I don’t want to go on but I am because it’s funny when you think about it: Imagine the guy/woman who invented Grilled Cheeses. What a legend. I’m gonna take this loaf of bread and add cheese and people will lose their minds over it! The combinations of Cookies and Milk: Legend. Buffalo Wings and Blue Cheese: LEGEND. French Fries and Ketchup: GOD.

Now this brings me to the combination between chocolate and salt. I’ve been in the sunflower seeds game since I was a young lad because I played Baseball growing up. One thing I loved doing was eating a chocolate bar and immediately after throwing in a handful of sunflower seeds in my mouth. The combination is glorious! Don’t buy chocolate covered sunflower seeds because they lack the saltiness of the seed itself. My method is a bit unorthodox but you’ll thank me later when you try it (Davids Sunflower Seeds).

I met a girl the other day and she either said she was allergic to chocolate or didn’t like chocolate. I can’t remember honestly because further discussions about disliking chocolate made me tune out everything she said immediately after because all I was imagining was eating that sweet delicious chocolate. Being allergic is one thing, that’s like being allergic to Pizza, oh the horror, the agony! But not liking it? Get the hell out of here. I imagine none of you are sitting here reading this blog about chocolate and you don’t actually enjoy eating chocolate. That’d be like me reading a blog about Mushrooms and then at the end, commenting something like, “Mushrooms are gross!”.

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