UPDATE: I know I rant about Clemson football being on New Years Eve at the end and it has nothing to do with @Midnight, but I needed this one guys. I’m also aware I’ve been blogging like a savage this week, so I’ll tone that down as well. 

@Midnight is a game show on Comedy Central that’s not on at midnight, but 1130pm. I’m going to take a second to acknowledge this little tidbit and mention that this makes my brain rage thinking about it.

It’s hosted by the incredibly talented and funny comedian Chris Hardwick. Three other comedians  appear as contestants and participate in the different game categories. It’s my favorite show on TV right now, not including Vikings. Huge Team Lagertha guy here, fuck Queen Aslaug.

I’m a relatively new fan of @Midnight because I’ve recently been listening to Nerdist, Chris Hardwick’s podcast. Nerdist is one of my favorite podcasts out there. I always thought Chris Hardwick was that over enthusiastic guy from The Talking Dead.

What makes @Midnight great

It’s not just suggested, but recommended for people on Twitter to participate in their #HashTagWars columns. The most recent have been #2017Predictions, #ChristmasIn3Words, #AddStarWarsImproveAMovie, and #HipHopFood.

Because I have far too much time on my hands lately (won’t pickup until the new year when I can actually get my life moving forward to my dream job), I’ve been staying up to watch @Midnight and spend hours on my phone laughing at the different responses. It’s a great little community and I’ve had fun interacting with fellow @Midnight fans because of it.

Chris Hardwick’s Comedy Special

Look, I’m not trying to blow Chris Hardwick right now, though it may look like it (imagery like you read about). He dropped a new comedy special on Comedy Central called: Chris Hardwick’s: Funcomfortable. Any fan of Chris should check this out immediately. It’s an hour special filled with “uncomfortableness” especially if you go with your mom, who goes to a comedy special with their moms anyway? Crazy people that’s who. 

It’s very relatable, often times dirty, and a great outlook on how some people deal with loss. And to be honest, I want Chris Hardwick to be responsible for throwing me my funeral when that day comes, because at least I’ll go out like a boss instead of a sappy depressed dead person rotting away in a coffin.

@Midnight comes back Jan. 3rd. So you’re gonna have to wait a while before Epicness comes back on TV. Until then, watch Clemson football dominate against Ohio State on New Years Eve. They did that last year and I barely watched them play against Oklahoma. I didn’t want to be that guy at the party nursing a beer while watching a football game while the rest of the party was playing drinking games and other debauchery.

How dumb are those responsible for thinking this was a good idea? Ratings are going to be trash. No one really cares about football on New Years Eve. They think about three things: Alcohol, Women (or Men or whatever the hell you’re into), and Carelessness. Well it’s the last day of 2016, might as well…

Tweet me and join our Twitter @Midnight community @TheAlbumWeb, we’re a dysfunctional bunch. It’s probably my favorite thing going on Twitter right now, other than Gifs. 







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