Massages Do Wonders For Me

Training is a huge part of my life and something I never write about. It’s a regular thing in my life and takes up many of my hours during the week. I figured since I’m going for my first massage of 2017, I’d share my thoughts on it and training in general. 

I lift weights, do calisthenics, run and swim. So you can see how it can be time consuming when you’re trying to balance life that comes in between. I’m not and will not offer advice about nutrition, training programs, etc. mostly because I do what works for me, everybody is different and if someone tells you something is the best, unless they are a legit coach with a wealth of experience, it’ll be a huge waste of time.

I got the fortunate body type that I can eat relatively healthy but still purge whatever and be fine. Mostly because I burn off whatever I eat with the workouts I have scheduled that day. It’s sweet but sucks at the same time. Putting on muscle mass is the hardest for me, so I try to stick at a weight where I am both strong and fast.

Because I never really had a coach or workout partners who do the same shit I do, it can become monotonous as well as lead to problems. No one is there to correct your form, motivation can be tough at times; especially in the shitty winter months in Boston, and training is inevidably hard ALL THE TIME.

Why do you think people get January gym memberships then cancel a week later? Because training and working out fucking sucks and is hard. And the motivation is likely absent in the first place.

Today I was in robot-mode, as I like to put it. Just get in the car. Okay start driving. Find a parking spot. Fuck it’s freezing out, just keep walking. Then next thing I know I’m in the pool warming up to swim. Getting there is half the battle, and I truly hate it, but I NEED to do it and find myself with that struggle many many times.

Recovery: Massages

I try to get a deep tissue massage every 4 months or so, sometimes I push it to 6 months, because of that inner struggle I just mentioned. Usually by this point my body has been aching, having pinched nerves, and in need of a remedy. Should I get them more often? Probably, but massages are expensive.

There is truly nothing better than a 60/90-minute massage for recovery in my opinion. It’s relaxing. Sometimes painful if you have had the knots I’ve had in my back muscles. I’ll suck it up to get those painful annoyances out. My most focused area is the upperback and neck area. But massages are full body.

The Masseuse will find soreness and tight areas you didn’t think you had.

They understand the anatomy of the body and really work the muscles in particular ways that do wonders. They target pressure points that release built up stress. The masseuse even does your hands and fingers. It’s a peculiar feeling having your hands massaged if you don’t get manicures/pedicures like me.

I’m about to leave and I’m pretty excited about it, because my body is achy and I need it. Only shitty part of getting a deep tissue is that I’ll likely be sore for a few days and neglect training to allow the recovery process to ensue. 

Tweet me @TheAlbumWeb if you also train and utilize massages for recovery. Leave a comment if you use other methods


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