If You Could Have a Restaurant in Your House, What Would it Be?

I recently watched the film Richie Rich and forgot that he had an entire McDonalds in his mansion. So it brought me here to ponder on what would be my choice if it was a reality. I’m going to break it down way more in depth than I probably should but I’m going down this road, so might as well right?

Late Night

Late at night when my stomach decides I need to devour leftover pizza, popping that bad boy in the microwave and inhaling it minutes later. I’d prefer if I could walk down the hallway and into an entire Chic-Fil-A instead. Huge Chic-Fil-A guy. Damn southerners are so fortunate to have them everywhere. But for a Masshole like myself, there are maybe three in the entire state, so it’s not an option.

Maybe a Dairy Queen? Or a Ben & Jerry’s? I’ve knocked out a pint of Cherry Garcia in one sitting before, quite proud of that actually, not a big deal, but kinda big deal.

1AM ice cream, is the best ice cream. You don’t care about the social stigma of loading on toppings, whipped cream, M&M’s, and any other glorious treat you desire because, 1) you’re at your house, and 2) it’s 1AM on a Saturday, who cares?

Date Night/Fancy 

I know this bomb steakhouse, it’s unreal. 

“Oh cool where at?”

My house.

“So you cook? You’re a Chef?”

Even better…

Filet Minion cooked medium please. Maybe a side of Lobster Mac & Cheese. Maybe start with a soup or The Best Clam Chowda in New England. Bottle of red wine. Imagine eating like this every night? I eat pretty well now and I don’t have a billion dollars and my own personal chef, however, if I did…


This would be a better option than an Ice Cream Parlor because there is always dessert options and “After Dinner” drinks. I went out to eat with my family and saw Inniskillin Ice Wine as an option, for a measly $135!! For a glass. Hard PASS when you can get a bottle for $35. I wrote an entire post about my newfound appreciation for Ice Wine. Since then I’ve tried Ice Wine and can attest for it’s beloved reputation, I love it.

My favorite Steakhouse is Abe & Louie’s on Boylston Street in Boston. I’d likely have a future review of the restaurant and post about it.

(Photo from Where To Eat Boston)

I feel like I can’t have a Steak House in my house. I probably wouldn’t go out to eat ever again. Though it’ll all be free to me, it just seems like something that would tarnish any future experiences of trying out a new restaurant. Need something
simpler and quick.


My favorite brunch spot in Boston is called McGreevy’s. The brunch menu is constantly changing which I like. The bangers (sausages) there are my favorite and in any true Brunch fashion, we get a bottle of champagne and orange juice to make Mimosas. Would having a personal Brunch spot in your own home be ideal? Depends.

For me, I couldn’t. Brunch is an experience for me. It’s like a fun little continuation of the night before. I enjoy walking and trying new Brunch spots with friends. It allows me to discover new cool spots to venture to and taste what they have to offer.

Having a Brunch spot in my home would ruin the experience. I’d be eating like a king every morning and potentially night anybody eat breakfast food at night? I think I just talked myself into considering a Brunch restaurant as a choice.

My house would become the social spot. Patriots games on at 1pm, start with Brunch at 11am, have a few mimosas with food then watch the game.TV’s everywhere covering the current college football madness, The Masters or any of the big golf tournaments, baseball, playoff hockey, you name it, it’s on there.. I’m liking this thought the more I realize the potential in it.

Ever have steak and eggs and have that for dinner? It’s a practice I frequent usually a couple times a month. When I am stumped on what I want for dinner, breakfast food is always a great alternative. The steak is usually left over from a steak dinner from the night before. I’ve never cooked a full steak for this purpose entirely, though I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.

Also one kicker on the Brunch Restaurant is that it can only serve Brunch style food. The Brunch Restaurant doesn’t serve what it would normally after Brunch because it’s a restaurant/bar that serves other food for lunch/dinner.

Verdict: Brunch Restaurant

I had this post initially pegged that I would choose Chic-Fil-A because it’s quick and delicious. Then you got to see something magical happen. I talked myself out of completely gasping at the thought of having a Brunch restaurant in my house, into considering it as an option, and then picking it as my choice because of the endless possibilities it has to offer.

I had a separate section with a Sports Bar/Man Cave choice, but I felt like that was essentially cheating. And similar to the Steakhouse, I wouldn’t leave my house and go to social settings. I’d have my friends and family over all the time. This was basically the same thing as a Brunch Restaurant but with different food. Sports Bar food was; wings, french fries, nachos, pizza, and any other finger food you could think of. Basically all my favorite foods.

I also had a bright idea of having a swim up bar being part of it. But that would only see action during the summer months in Boston because our winters are brutal. I stand by my decision.

I’m very curious on what you would choose? Something easy like a fast food restaurant, maybe In-N-Out? Heard In-N-Out is bomb, let me know if you’ve had that too. A Steakhouse? Something I didn’t mention?










18 thoughts on “If You Could Have a Restaurant in Your House, What Would it Be?

  1. I, too, would have a McDonalds in my house if I could. Especially now that they’ve got that all-day breakfast thing going on: pancakes, nuggets and fries all day erry day!!!!!!!
    And, as you mentioned, ice cream would be great. Just having a nice ice cream parlor in my basement where I could have some nice flavor variety would be swell.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the amount of thought you have put into this! I’d probably go the route of an ice cream shop of some kind. I’d definitely need a home gym to counteract all the trouble that would get me into… haha. I suppose if I had the money for the home restaurant, I could afford the gym too.


    1. Haha precisely! That could be another entire post itself. I’d probably having something wild like a scuba diving pool with fish or something that only somebody with a billion dollars could attain.


  3. I never thought of asking myself this question, and it’s actually pretty hard to answer! I can’t think of the restaurant itself, but I think that fried chicken will have to be involved. Not KFC though, maybe a good Japanese restaurant that serves yummy fried chicken.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Chic-Fil-A is a fast food restaurant specializing in fried chicken. Great waffle fries. Great chicken. It’s my favorite out of all the fast food restaurants, though I haven’t had In-N-Out or some of the fast food on the West Coast


  4. Hi again 🙂 just want to say I love your blog as well and the variety of topics you talk about! Awesome stuff. I would have to pick in-n-out. Being from California originally, I just wouldn’t feel right if I picked anything else… well, except for maybe someplace that makes acai bowls… those are also delicious and you really cannot go wrong with smoothie bowls!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I like variety, there’s something for everyone. I haven’t heard a bad thing about In-N-Out and my friend who moved out to Cali swears by it. I just Googled acai bowls and now I need to try it ASAP! That’d be a good snack or part of breakfast/brunch.

      Liked by 1 person

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