Music I Blog To & A Little Bit More

I’m a genre-specific music listener that’s often based on activity. When I was in school I would listen solely to instrumentals while studying. It was sort of my way to block out the outside noise that allowed me to focus on what I needed to comprehend.

Sometimes when I read books I put on similar music. Hans Zimmer is one of my favorite composers and his work is featured in many famous films including one of my favorites of all time Gladiator (2000) collaborated with Lisa Gerrard.

When I do any form of exercise, it’s likely heavy rock, rap and metal (not into screamo, that’s lame, I like badass guitar riffs). I try to get myself in the zone to crush shit. I’ve been doing it for so long, it’s like this music is a stimulus for my mind to get ready to train.

When I’m relaxing and having some wine or a beer, it’s likely whatevers new that’s out or some country. I don’t discriminate. Sometimes your boy breaks it down to some A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.


Judgement free zone here.

That brings me to #BlogMusic. I’ve been listening to the Spotify playlist “Your Favorite Coffeehouse” – Warm latte, soft comfy chair, and some nice mellow tunes…perfection. It has 77 songs that I’ve yet to listen to all of. 4 hrs and 47 minutes of tunes.

I’ll embed some tunes that every time I hear I kind of get this mellow feeling. And if I’m feeling froggy I’ll include a song or two that puts asses in the seats.

Alright that was depressing. If you could zoom into my room right now, Truman Show style, you would see me bobbing my head and mouthing the words to this song:

As well as dancing, thinking I’m putting on electrifying performance, like Oscar


But in reality I’m Kevin in the back. Haters will hate, while I’m making moves. Not my fault, just trying make it rain over here. Move the hands a bit, some leg action, magic ensues.

I’ve overplayed Black Beatles so I’m not including that but I’ll give it a hat tip. All Night by The Vamps is legit right now, got some Dre Beats put those bad boys on.


Okay, it’s 10:57 PM here, and I’m wide awake. No one reads blogs at this time other than me so I guess I’m gonna have to wait and post this in the morning. (Sidenote: Imagine how sick a blogger meet-up would be? So sick. The sickest…aaaaand sleep).

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Late entry I’m not sorry for this…Girls from Sing Street (2016)


10 thoughts on “Music I Blog To & A Little Bit More

  1. What does it say about me that the only song I recognised on this list was Girls from Sing Street? Just watched it a couple of weeks ago so it’s fresh in my memory. I think you’re onto something though, I think I need a blogging playlist……

    *logs into spotify*

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  2. See I’ve never been someone to listen to specific genres when doing specific things. I’ll just listen to whatever artist/song/soundtrack I’m into at the time because for me it’s not about the music but the fact that there is music playing…does that make sense?
    That being said, I can understand the value of listening to more upbeat, energizing music when doing something like working out and should I ever work out, I will likely do the same.

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    1. I’m surprised you didn’t make a comment about Girls from Sing Street instead of Drive It Like You Stole It. And if someone reading this hasn’t seen Sing Street, watch the film first before listening to the soundtrack.


  3. Awesome blog entry (I was dying with the gif from White Chicks lol). It’s funny I didn’t really think about it until I was reading your blog post. I definitely listen to music or some type of background noise when I write or read. In high school my friends thought I was crazy because they needed total silence to study or do homework. For the gym I listen to rock, rap, hip hop or sometimes even really cheesy songs to make me feel happy and not think about how heavy the weights are lol.

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