I would call myself a gaming veteran of the iTunes store. I’ve been playing phone games since the iPod Touch days. I feel like I’ve hit the sweet spot in between being born before smart phones and now being in the mix gaming my boredom away. So all the old people in my parents days, “Back in my day we used to play stick ball. We used to return home when the streetlights turned on.” – my mom, your mom, all the moms—back off, because I know what it was like, best of both worlds.

I’ve played them all. I’ve played and got bored with; Where’s My Water, Angry Birds, Glass Tower, Subway Surfers, Flow Free, Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, Zombie Gunship, Major Mayhem, Cut the Rope, the list is endless. All great games, but I eventually got bored and no longer addicted, so I deleted them.

There are a handful of games I still enjoy, yet the developers are not constantly updating with new content so the players are forced to replay the same old levels. These games are: Westbang, Amazing Breaker, Hambo, Zombieville USA, and Traffic Rush. 

Because I only have so much data on my phone, I resort to playing only two games.

Boom Beach
Developed by: Supercell
Cost: FREE

I run my own Task Force (TF). We have 18/25 members strong. None of them know I have a blog so I’m hesitant on revealing my TF name in case one of you guys decide to join up and say something like, “Hey Matt, I read your sweet blog about iPhone Apps, it was rad. Now I’m here to kick some ass!”. And then everyone of my members goes, “YOU HAVE A BLOG!? I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU NOW!”. 

Hint: The name of my TF is a from a story in history, told about a group of (US) warfighters and what the enemy would refer to them as. That’s it. That’s all you’re getting from me and if you find my TF miraculously, I will deny everything. I didn’t say what war now did I?


Why would I give you guys a hint though not the best, when I already said it would be catastrophic for my anonymity in the TF? Because I’m about risks, I live on the edge, I’m standing on top of a theoretical skyscraper like these crazy bastards:


That being said, Boom Beach is an online game where you raid bases from landing crafts Normany-style to get resources to upgrade your defenses, troops, and statues; that give you boosts. Sometimes you are awarded intel, which allows your TF to go on Operations, where you attack a Power Cell (big green thing) in hopes of destroying it.


There are nine different troops: Rifleman, Heavy, Zooka, Warrior, Tank, Medic, Grenadier, Scorcher, and Cryoneer. Each has their own abilities, strengths/weaknesses, and storage space. My Headquarters (HQ), similar to a Town Hall in Clash of Clans, is level 18 and my Landing Crafts (LC)are level 15 on average. So my troop load out currently is: 8 Heavys (4 per LC), 3 Medics (1 LC), 9 Zookas (1 LC), and 6 Tanks (3 LCs).

It’s fun and interactive that allows you to have chats with your members. Some members can start Operations, these members are known as Officers, the Leader and Co-Leader can promote members. Fun game.


Only being able to build/upgrade one thing at a time. The wait times are often 19hr plus, depending on your current level. You can buy extra builders for $2.99 and my philosophy on buying extra content, especially in mobile games, is that it doesn’t improve the experience.

Operations are essentially all the same. It gets boring at times. The upgrades don’t seem worth it. I’m in too deep at this point with the game that I am now “hate playing” it. This is similar to “hate watching” a TV show. You’re four seasons in on a show, but the current season sucks, yet you continue to watch.

The updates aren’t significant enough to keep a veteran player’s attention. They will tease a new update in the News section of the app, only to be disappointed with the result.

So I’m saying that the developers need to get their shit together with legit modifications like new troops, maybe a Commando similar to the Barbarian King in Clash of Clans, maybe newer Operations format, be better.

Overall: Fun game, great for newbies, can get boring if you’ve been playing for a significant period of time (years), developers need to get their asses in gear, but otherwise, 4/5.

Ramsay DASH
Developed By: Glu Games Inc
Cost: FREE


Yes THAT Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay even mocks you in the game! It’s glorious. “This is unf%^$ing-believable.”

A spin off of popular Dining DASH. Gordon Ramsay is a famous chef who also appears on the Food Network from time to time. I love him, he’s a savage and one of my favorite chefs.

Cook food in one of the popular restaurants and receive coins and gold. These coins and gold are collected to upgrade food, appliances, and decor. The better the upgrades, the more coins earned and the faster it’s prepared to earn more stars.

In order to beat a level to move onto the next, the player needs at least one star of three. After beating all levels, the stars become a bonus and the player tries to earn five stars out of five to receive a mystery box that usually contains coins and gold.

Each restaurant is different in the way food is prepared constantly giving the player a newer and enthralling experience. Some of the restaurants are: Big Bay Burgers, Dubai In The Sky, Lucky Langoustine, and Poutine Pool Party. At the moment there are currently eleven different restaurants to unlock.

There is a multiplayer mode where you go head-to-head against a random person in preparing food to get the highest coin total. I recommend upgrading your restaurants before facing people or else you will likely lose a lot because your food will take longer to cook than your opponent who has MAX upgrades. I have a good idea whether I’m going to win or not before I even play solely based off of comparison of upgrades. My character dresses to impress.

This is my favorite game because it’s constantly getting new updates; like fun new levels and interesting bonuses. Today for instance is x2 Gold. So after serving a customer, they might drop gold with their coins and tips.


In order to play you need to use ten supplies. The max to have is fifty supplies. And it takes two minutes to replenish one supply, it’s ridiculous but it also makes sure you don’t just beat every level in one day.

Watching :30 second Ads to receive one Gold. It should be more Gold and I’m not going to give credit card information to a random site to earn 250 Gold. So I’m watching ten :30 second Ads in a row instead of paying money. It’s a pain in the ass.

Overall: The only game I religiously play and enjoy has been this. I like cooking games the best. They are all very similar, and I like the execution and gameplay style that Ramsay DASH utilizes compared to previous Diner Dash games. I hate watching ads to earn gold and I refuse to spend real world money on a mobile game. But I will do it, because it’s the Free option that fuels my recipe making needs. 5/5.

Let me know your favorite mobile games. I highly recommend both these games, though they’re not without some flaws