Look, my life isn’t that interesting. I’m not piloting a plane then jumping out with a parachute imitating my best Superman impression on the average Tuesday. I’m likely drowning in the pool at 6AM and watching too much TV in the PM. I feel like this is more of a chore than a fun post to write so I’m going to make this segment twice a month. I’ll pile in the best of my blogs over the two-week period and I’ll still cover – Food, Games, TV, Film, Books and I’m adding Badass Nature Fact to the list.

Featured Image GIF is equally creepy as much as it is sassy – A+ Owl
(UPDATE: – The owl GIF isn’t working as expected so I’m adding a picture of an Octopus from Google Images)

Best Food – Same old crap. Nothing exciting or noteworthy.

Gaming Updates

  • Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta is wicked fun. Playing Co-op with randoms is frustrating so find some friends to play with. Me and my buddy have been Sniping dudes left and right, kidnapping high-level drug cartels, and parachuting into bad guys living rooms accompanied by dual-wielding submachine guns and a handful of grenades. It’s madness, it’s chaos, and it’s a whole lot of fun. They need to play up the Villains more or it’s going to get old quick (think Vaas from Far Cry 3).
  • Horizon Zero Dawn comes out the 28th, I’m playing Wildlands all weekend and will be purchasing it next week. Haven’t heard a bad thing about it yet
  • Add me my PSN: Maverick2130
  • I created a YouTube Matt TheAlbumWeb specifically for gaming videos (Should probably just go with TheAlbum but sometimes my brain doesn’t work)

Notable TV

  1. The Missing – Seasons 1 & 2 – I banged out 16 hour long episodes (8 per season) in like 4 days. This is one of those shows where I’m finding the plot tricky to summarize without giving away spoilers or details. Basically it follows a family as they grieve and search for their missing kid in Europe. It progresses throughout the whole season. The first few episodes in Season 1 are slow so stick with it.
  2. Black Sails – I’m 3 episodes into Season 1 and I’m hooked. It’s based off of the book Treasure Island apparently, following a band of misfit pirates in the 1700’s as they try to gain notoriety while kicking ass in the process. This show reminds me of a mix between Vikings and Spartacus. The violence mixed with sex. Will update as I continue to watch.
  3. Best Bars in America – From last week, this show is still delivering for me. Very cool
  4. Riverdale – My favorite watch every week. I love this show. I connect more with Jughead than I do Archie, though I’m more of a mix between them. I had a friend like a Betty in High School, but Betty’s cooler (sorry old friend who will never read this). The drama kind of reminds me of a Soap Opera, except it’s bearable.


  • The Boxtrolls – Developed by Laika studios, I believe this is the their first film I’m not enamored with. It’s enjoyable but I’m not tripping over myself to write a review, tell my friends, or look up the soundtrack to.


  1. The Epicness I’ve Been Reading Lately


Badass Nature Fact – You’re lucky this week, you’re getting a plethora of Badassness because of a previous blog post. But I’ll highlight the Octopus below. Here is the full post

  • An Octopus named Inky escaped a New Zealand Aquarium by saying bye-bye to his tank, scampering across the floor and down a 6-inch in diameter drain pipe leading to the ocean outside.
  • Octopuses can form mental maps, have incredible intelligence, and have been seen carrying coconuts to use as shelter.
  • They hunt at night, the Blue-ringed Octopus is one of the deadliest species on the planet, one of the many feared Australian badasses to swim the oceans.
  • Another Octopus in an Aquarium would escape his tank at night, visit the local neighboring fish tank, chomp on some fish guts, and head home before the lights turned on the next day.
  • I ate a baby octopus once and vowed to never eat one again after learning Octopuses are the epitome of Badass, and me eating one is an insult to not only myself, but all Octopuses, EVER.


So don’t expect a Weekend Havoc next week but then again look out for one, because like you already know, this blog is the blogging-world’s wildcard. You don’t know what direction I’m going. Could see a Weekend Havoc post one week, then I drop a Food blog on your Eyeball the next. Expect posts about The Iditarod coming in the next few days, my thoughts on one of the greatest non-lethal weapons in the galaxy, my thoughts on the legendary acting badass who doesn’t get the John Wayne status tag he deserves, and quite possibly some other random radness my insanely fast-moving brain (not a lot of quality thoughts) thinks of during the week

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