Week 3 Weekend Havoc

Guess I’m going strong with Weekend Havoc’s, so keeping the speed at full-on death race pace is the only speed I know. Go or no go. The Clemson motto: ALL-IN


  • Bought another bottle of Inniskillin Ice Wine, still haven’t gotten around to writing a review to it, mostly because I have the attention span of a puppy, I recently had a dream about Twitter—remember when I said my life wasn’t that exciting last Weekend Havoc?
  • Favorit Swiss Premium Iced Tea – 

    I’ve been pounding Ice Tea instead of water and soda with food. I don’t drink Gatorade anymore either, so I needed something to have with lunch if it wasn’t a beer. I looked up online that you can get it shipped to you from Walmart for $34…DON’T DO THAT SHENANIGHANS! It’s 2 for $5 at the local grocery store.
  • Trying New Wines This Weekend – I normally drink Pinot Noir. I want some wine recommendations that are in the $15-20 price range. Doesn’t have to be a Red, give me any and all recommendations of your favorites. Give multiple too because I know some of you in the UK and across the world have wines that the US doesn’t offer.

Gaming Updates

  1. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the more unique games I’ve played. What I’m impressed with so far is the combat, beautiful landscapes, character development in terms of describing and influencing a father-like daughter relationship between Aloy and Rost, and the progression of identifying how to attack each machine. It’s cool looking at how it was difficult fighting a Sawtooth then you as the player discover those once badass machines, are mediocre in comparison to some of the MONSTER-like machines fought later in the game. I have some Tips for gamers on how to play this game and expect a blog about it during the week.
  2. Ramsay Dash on the iPhone is always in daily rotation. Constantly being updated with new restaurants, still addicted.
  3. Ghost Recon Wildlands comes out March 7th so look out for that. The Beta was fun, especially playing Co-op with friends.
  4. Birthday is coming up, grabbing Night in the Woods for $20, heard great things.
  5. The new Nintendo Switch finally released along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The Switch is super cool looking and I honestly want to buy it just for Zelda but I’m gonna wait and see.

Notable TV

  • Rick and Morty – Where has this show been all my life? It’s listed #8 in the Top TV listings on IMDb.com. I’ve heard rumblings and people get into skirmishes discussing this show. Each episode is 22min in length and it’s hysterical. It follows the everyday life of Rick, a mad scientist who lives with his daughter and their family. Rick’s grandson Morty, who doesn’t have things in life quite figured out yet (don’t we all), take adventures around the galaxy with Rick’s spaceship and other cool inventions as they bounce around often finding themselves in impossible situations where only the two of them can handle. The humor is sarcastic, straight forward,  witty, and surprising at times. It’s very clever and the perfect comedy cartoon for adults.
  • Riverdale – read my last posts about this epic drama here and here
  • Planet Earth II – Nature awesomeness every Saturday on BBC.
  • Shark Tank – New episodes every Friday night. One entrepreneur must pitch their company to 5-6 Sharks (Billionaires) for a % of equity to get a deal in expanding their business. It’s a fun drama reality-like show. Each Shark is just as unique as the entrepreneurs appearing on the show. Apparently Canada has a version called Dragon’s Den, I’ve watched it and not a fan. Shark Tank is less intense, more welcoming, and better products. I’ve personally bought a few products from this show, the best being a customized .50 Cal bullet shell bottle opener (Bottle Breacher)



  1. Jack Reacher Never Go Back – 1st one was better, not as good as the book (My dad will tell you this every time it’s mentioned, “Tom Cruise? Jack Reacher is 6 foot 5 240lbs. ugh”.
  2. Triple 9 – Strong cast, a good watch, not worth renting $$ for it, but good enough to watch it on TV. About a bunch of crooked cops working with a crime boss to settle old disputes by robbing banks. Woody Harrelson is the detective hunting the crew. It’s alright.
  3. Django Unchained – Quentin Quarantino’s film. Very comparable to Inglorious Bastards in dark comedy, gore, and “offensive” monologues.
  4. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – Starring Zac Efron, Adam Devine, Aubrey Plaza, and Anna Kendrick. It’s a good bad-movie. You’ll laugh but it’s not exactly memorable.
  5. 13 Hours – Making Jim from The Office into a badass. Got poor ratings from Rotten Tomatoes probably because the incident was made political. Don’t always trust Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb reviews of films, sometimes the 5/10 is really enjoyable, and sometimes it’s a 5/10 for a reason.


Reading – Ben Thompson’s BADASS Series, National Geographic, Game Informer, Barstool Sports. Podcasts: Joe Rogan Experience, The Fighter & The Kid, Foreplay (Golf podcast), BK News Roundup, The Pat McAfee Show (Retired NFL Punter, Undercover Cop, Diggs – Pat’s funny and clumsy brother, and various guests).

Badass Nature Fact – Eagles often attack prey much larger than themselves. They use their talons to crush small bones, clench their prey for transport, and tear away smaller pieces of meat to eat. Attacking prey much bigger than themselves comes with it’s challenges and is quite dangerous. So instead of going mono-e-mono, man to man, Eagles decide, “Un uh, not in my house, GOOD-BYE!”, while sweeping the leg Karate Kid style right off the cliff.

Who needs talons to rip apart flesh, when a 100 foot free-fall hitting every jagged rock, pointy tree branch, and steep hill catapulting the prey further down the mountain? Using rocks as a steak knife. Eating like a king for the next week. Bravo Eagles, well-played. Bad day to be a goat.

So that’s what I got for this week. I guess I’m going to make it a weekly thing instead of a bi-monthly like I said last week. Unless I have nothing interesting to post, but I’m always up to some sort of mischief and I have endless Badass Nature Facts so that shouldn’t be a problem. Come talk to me on Twitter and Tweet me some GIFs – Rick and Morty below




12 thoughts on “Week 3 Weekend Havoc

    1. I haven’t seen that episode because it’s not On Demand yet, but my favorite I’ve seen is “Look Who’s Purging Now”, also after watching the episode “Mortynight Run” I immediately muttered to myself, “what the hell did I just watch” so much happened that episode haha


  1. lol “full on death race pace” made me laugh & follow you right at the beginning! so glad I found your blog (actually got here bc you commented on ‘ThreeBrits’ blog which I lovvve). I also am all about budget wines lol p.s have you heard of Einstok beer? It’s my boyfriend’s fav, but isn’t sold everywhere…like we can’t get it here in North Dakota 😦 Maybe you can where you are!


    1. I also am a fan of Three Brits epic travel adventures! I’m glad you think I’m funny, I try to write funny stuff, I say whatever I’m thinking and sometimes it works other times I’m just rambling. I’ve never heard of Einstok beer. From a quick Google search it appears your boyfriend has some badass tastebuds. Viking logo with water from the Arctic Circle that travels through Ancient Lava Fields? Thank you for commenting this tidbit, this sounds like the most legendary beer I’ve ever seen! I’m from Boston so unlikely, but then again I’ve been surprised before

      Liked by 1 person

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