Brain to Blog – Weekend Havoc

This is my best Weekend Havoc yet,  I have a ton of food content to include, some gaming updates, some films, my new favorite podcast, a possible name change, and of course the fan favorite Badass Nature Fact

Possible Name Change Update

I came up with the legendary name Brain to Blog. If I’m feeling froggy enough, this might become my new name of my blog. Or if you’re an evil sociopath, you can claim the name as your own and I’ll develop a fiery hatred vowing my vengeance to do everything in my power Liam Neeson style from the film Taken, to hunt your sorry ass down, and EEEEEEEND YOUUU! *outrageous voice*

Brain to Blog is the essence of all my posts. Straight from my brain to the blog with little to no edits or shame. The Album Web came about me thinking of a name similar to a photo album with different pictures and themes. Yet instead of pictures it would be a mishmash of different topics like I have now with Food, Films, and all that shenanighans. Some smart guy already had The Album, so the suggested names included Web and I ran with it.


Bertucci’s Restaurant – Cheap and Tasty


Took my Mom to lunch like the dashing lad that I am and only paid about $30 including tip. Split a large Caesar Salad, a pizza and unlimited bread with olive oil and butter. We each got Raspberry Ice Teas that were a refreshing delight. Both the Iced Tea and salad balanced the hot and warm textures of pizza crust and the steaming bread. Bertucci’s offers a wine list that’s average at best, but it’s a decent spot to take you’re girlfriend/boyfriend for lunch. Don’t do anything outlandish and propose here, that’ll put you in the doghouse for a lifetime. Might as well just end the relationship there if that’s your plan. But I digress.

Ocean Prime – Seaport District – Boston, MA


Happy Birthday to me, congrats on existing! 23 years old! Who would of thought having a quarter-life crisis 2 years premature would feel so good!

Got the house Pinot Noir. I picked this restaurant because it had everything: Seafood, Steak, Appetizers, Sides. Last year for my birthday we went to Del Frisco’s, also located in Seaport District, the Crab Cakes literally fell apart in your mouth. Barely had to chew. Highly recommend.

I got the King Crab Legs for an App. Apparently it should be called King Crab leg, With a Tiny Half-Ass Leg that Almost Looks Like a Decoration. All joking aside, it was phenomenal. Came with cocktail dipping sauce. Delicious.


For my meal, I got Farmhouse Chicken with Ratatouille and Lemon pan jus. I’m not just saying this because I often go on epic tangents adding exaggerated claims for effect, but this was without a doubt, THE BEST MEAL I’VE EVER EATEN TO DATE. Cooked to perfection. The Lemon pan jus sauce that was sort of like a gravy, was mind-blowingly good. The type of good where you pause, look deep into the back of your mind, reflect and smile. I’m not a big lemon guy, but took the risk, mostly because I wanted to try Ratatouille.

I was expecting this…


Was a little disappointed I didn’t get that magical happiness above. HOWEVER, I’m so happy I love Ratatouille. I adore the film and if I hated the food the film would’ve been ruined for me. I would’ve became the biggest critic of Ratatouille the world has ever seen. I  would’ve created scorched Earth filled with endless insults towards all those responsible for hyping up a travesty. Thankfully, I don’t have to enact WWIII on a Disney Pixar film.


Tilt your phone/laptop for the 1st pic, sorry not sorry. I got Ice Wine for my after dinner drink and it was only $15! The after dinner drinks for Ice Wine at a similar restaurant cost $135, so I passed. This Ice Wine had a cherry sweet flavor differing from the apricot apple-ly taste of A Disgruntled American Discovering Ice Wine for the First Time. My brother got an Expresso Martini that was tasty.

We enjoyed our drinks with this dessert – Creme Brumele


Overall, Ocean Prime gets my seal of approval, a delight, a pleasure, and an experience to adventure to.

Gaming Updates

  • Ghost Recon Wildlands released finally, will be playing that soon
  • Still loving Horizon Zero Dawn though the story is so long that I’m skipping a lot of the dialog scenes – still amazing though
  • Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy released a new video showing the level Hang Eight from Crash 2. Looks awesome
  • Night in the Woods and Telltale’s Batman will be covered in the future
  • Telltale also released images for it’s new series covering Guardians of the Galaxy, very excited
  • Add me on PS4 – Maverick2130


  1. Rewatched Bad Boys II – endless quotes, action and laughter – highly recommend
  2. My Cousin Vinny – A+, 1st time watching it, browsed past it on TV several times over the years, a great comedy
  3. The Blues Brothers – one of my top 80’s films. Timeless cool guys


  • Riverdale comes back March 30th
  • Survivor is back, one of my favorite all-time reality shows
  • Game of Thrones comes back July 16th. Honestly not really that hyped about it. I’ll watch it, question who the characters are for half of the season trying to remember them and Tweet about it, but not ecstatic like many people


  1. The Fighter & The Kid – A comedian/The Kid (Bryan Callen) a Fighter (Brendan Schaub) discuss MMA, current events, and interview guests. A podcast filled with great and unique content
  2. Skip to the End – Mark, Gemma, and Ben, Three British masterminds introducing and talking about their favorite films. I’ve added more films I can count to my IMDb watchlist because of them. They play a lot of fun games and I often find myself giggling along and screaming in my head to mention a particular film/actor/director/etc. One of my new favorite podcasts!
  3. The Pat McAfee Show – Retired NFL punter, an undercover cop, and a dimwit similar to me, all in one show, what’s not to love?

Badass Nature Fact – Avalanches – 

  • “Avalanches are masses of snow, ice and rocks that fall rapidly down a mountainside” – National Geographic. Or in simpler terms, Holy FUCK!
  • Avalanches kill 150 people Worldwide each year.
  • Masses of snow can reach 80 miles per hour (130 kilometers) in 5 seconds. 0 to 60mph in your Lambo? Try 0-80 while surfing an Avalanche like this maniac Mongolian
  • Once the Avalanche stops, it settles like concrete
  • 93% of victims survive if dug out in 15 minutes
  • After 45 minutes, only 20-30% of victims are alive
  • After 2 hours – DEAD
  • Most common causes of death: suffocation, wounds, and hypothermia
  •  Tips to survive an Avalanche:
    1. Get off the Slab – No Shit Sherlock, I always wondered what it would be like to take a billion pounds of snow traveling the speed of light off the brain.
    2. No escape? Reach for a tree – Translation: You’re fucked pal.
    3. Swim hard, the human body is three times denser than an avalanche and will sink quickly – Not freezing to death today, unless you’re Michael Phelps or have the nerve to not shit yourself out of fear, you’re a dead man.
    4. As the slide slows, clear air space to breath. Punch Skyward – If you managed to not take a full tree trunk to the sternum, you’ll be luckily enough to experience the terror of knowing you’re going to freeze to death. Pray for a Yeti or any God you believe in, because the chance of survival is slim.
    5. Wait and Hope for a rescue – Probably the worst way to go out short of burning to death or a plane crash. Knowing your going to die. If I survived an Avalanche I would 1. Brag to all my friends for being the badassest BADASS on the planet 2. Live in an environment that’s never heard of snow. 3. Rekindle whatever flames I once had with Mother Nature and never cross her again. 4. Write a book about it embellishing my heroic tale and make millions.

(All Facts from National Geographic with a touch of Matt)


  1. img_3787 Who’s your favorite Ninja Turtle?
  2. What are your thoughts on my potential name change?
  3. This isn’t a question, just me thankful you have the attention span to read what’s 1500 words now, from this blog!

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5 thoughts on “Brain to Blog – Weekend Havoc

    1. Probably not gonna change my name but it’s a possibility. My fav ninja turtle is Leonardo because he’s the most level headed and calculated, I relate to him the most compared to the other turtles. I love them all, I want a respectable TMNT video game, that’d be awesome


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