March Madness Weekend Havoc

Blog Update: Expect one or two posts a week plus a Weekend Havoc wrapping everything up. It’s a thousand times easier to pile everything into one post while diving into a topic in detail in another.


  • St Paddy’s day – Guinness and green beer.
  • Wine 

  1. Yellowtail Pinot Noir Vinlage 2015 (Casella product of Australia)
  2. Greg Norman Estates Pinot Noir (Santa Barbara County 2013) – Bold. Unrelenting. Driven. Discover Your Shark Side.
  3. The Naked Grape Pinot Noir – California – Naked Truth

Gaming Updates

  1. Telltale’s The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 3 drops March 28th. Been itching at the chance to play this already. The only bad thing about episodic releases is that you have to wait months between each episode instead of playing all at once.
  2. Middle Earth Shadow of War – August 22, 2017 release date. Search the title and watch the 16 minute sneak peek of what to expect
  3. Night in the Woods – the latest Indie game I’m loving – more about it this this week
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn – Beat the game 98% complete, can’t Platinum because there’s a trophy bug and I’m furious about it (I only Platinum games I love *some games’ trophies are impossible to attain, cough, Uncharted*). Game of the Year contender for sure
  5. Future Gaming Posts – 1). My Dream Game 2). 5 Indie Games I Love, 5 I’m Looking Forward To

Movie Watching Rampage

  • REWATCH – Sing Street (2016) – 9, Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010) – 8, The Big Lebowski (1998) – 9, Jaws (1975) – 10
  • Léon: The Professional (1994) – 7, This is Spinal Tap (1984) – 7, Oldboy (2000) – 6, Heavy Metal in Baghdad (2007) – 9, Rushmore (1998) – 8, Internal Affairs (1990) – 8, Begin Again (2013) – 9


  1. March Madness – 64 of the best College basketball teams in the country (US) play in a round-style advancement tournament where if your team loses, you’re out. Advancing each round gets increasingly harder, some schools have never made the prestigious tournament, some never made it past the first round, some have only made it to the Sweet 16, few have won it all. Grab some beers, some friends and some wings and watch the madness unfold, any team can upset anybody and the mayhem every year is appointment TV
  2. Workaholics – Final season came to a close. Seven total. WILD STUFF. Glad to see the three amigos from the show get recognized and get legit gigs in both TV and film because of their success from the show. I’ll remember Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson from their roots
  3. Masters of None – Aziz Ansari’s Netflix show comes back May 12th, a hilarious look at the dating scene in New York and how Aziz and his friends approach different social situations.
  4. Taken – Starring Clive Standen as Bryan Mills. The same Bryan Mills made famous by Liam Neeson when he told a terrorist over the phone that he had a particular set of skills, skills that make him a nightmare for people like him, then proceeded to shoot, stab, and eviscerate every would-be-badguy who came across his daughter. Well similar to Liam Neeson being badass, Standen also known as Rollo from Vikings, took his savage skills and joined a team of other badasses to help combat domestic terrorism. I like how the show follows a team rather than just Mills like they did in the movies. The show is a lot better than the second and third installment of the films and has a completely different plot. Instead of searching for his kidnapped daughter in France, Mills is searching for those responsible for killing his sister. Only a few episodes in, I recommend it for sure.
  5. Sunday Golf – Past few Sundays I’ve poured a glass of Pinot and watched golf. I love golf. I love playing, watching, drinking, its all great fun! No other sport welcomes having a few beers while playing (obvs not in the Pros). You can gaurentee a handful of Happy Gilmore quotes are being dropped

Flank Steak with a mixed green salad strawberry’s and almonds. Balsamic and olive oil dressing topped with parmasean cheese. A glass of Pinot Noir, making it a great Golf Sunday indeed


  • KFC Radio, a podcast for dudes. Hosted by Barstool Sports New York writer KFC, Boston’s writer John Feitelberg (Feits), and the new addition, Asa Akira, an adult film star. They breakdown the latest pop-culture trends, outrageous news, sports. The podcast can be described as the coversation you hear among friends at the bar
  • Skip to the End – The best film podcast out there, period.

Badass Nature Fact – Tsunami’s

UPDATE: There was an unexpected Tsunami that hit Iran yesterday 3/19/17

Definition/Source: Tsunamis are a series of ocean waves caused by underwater earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and uncommonly, meteor impacts. Some large lakes have experienced tsunamis and if you don’t believe this fact, then you’ve never seen The Iron Giant (1999). Where a giant iron alien deathmachine cannonballs into a lake because him and his pal Hogarth were having fun.

Dean’s still pissed about it, always brings it up out of spite.

  1. Tsunamis can reach the heights of over 60 meters which equates to a 10-story building. *Holy shit*
  2. 80% of tsunamis occur at the Pacific Ocean’s “Ring of Fire”
  3. The first initial wave is often not the biggest nor strongest
  4. Tsunamis can travel at speeds up to 500mph or 805kmph across open ocean
  5. You cannot outrun a tsunami. If caught by a tsunami, it is better not to swim, but to grab a floating object and allow the current to carry you – Whats up with these “reach out and grab stuff” advice from experts? An expert on Avalanches said the same thing last Weekend Havoc. You’re taking a wave the size of King Kong traveling at 30mph carrying fucking cars, trees and sometimes entire buildings themselves. Grabbing a piece of plywood isn’t going to keep you afloat when a giant death wall is smacking you in the teeth
  6. Hawaii is hit by smaller sized tsunamis on average about once a year. Every 7 years there is a severe threat. The biggest tsunami in Hawaii’s history occured in 1946, when the coast of Hilo island was hit with 30 foot waves traveling 500mph – I bet the guy who invented helicopters was there. He invented a machine that’s the ideal “Fuck this” vehicle. 
  7. In 2004, the Indian Ocean tsunami was caused by an earthquake with the energy of 23,000 atomic bombs (9.0 magnitude epicenter, biggest in history). The killer waves hit the coastlines of 11 countries totaling 283,000 deaths
  8. Nicknamed “Killer Waves” – You know tsunamis are badass when their nickname is the 8th fact on the list
  9. Flooding caused by tsunami on the mainland can be as deep as 1,000 feet
  10. Scientists predict that the next mega tsunami will occur near Canary Island, causing waves to hit American coastline cities like New York, Miami, and Boston with waves as high as 100 feet – Hopefully not in my lifetime. If Im going out surfing a tsunami it wouldn’t be the worst way to die, definitely wouldn’t be the best. Got to invent the jetpack then like that other guy

Have some interesting things coming in the future, keep an eye out for those!


8 thoughts on “March Madness Weekend Havoc

  1. The idea of tsunamis terrifies me. Like I’m okay with the sweeping water dragging everything in its path, it’s more the part before that, with the giant wall of water coming crashing down on top of you, that I feel would be utterly terrifying.

    Also, PADDY’S DAY, not Patty! For the love of God, NEVER PATTY!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Uh oh! I’m planning to Platinum Horizon and this trophy bug scares me. I’m only 22% through the game though. Zelda is taking a lot of my gaming time, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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