Opening Day Weekend Havoc

The Red Sox play at 2pm against the Pittsburgh Pirates for Opening Day and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Gonna be great in October when they are on a playoff run and winning the World Series. I’m such a spoiled fan. Both my college and professional football teams won the championship this year. Now I hope another franchise (Red Sox) follows their footsteps.


  • I have an easy meal that I’m thinking about posting this week, but it’s kind of a family thing and I don’t know if the world is ready for it’s gloriousness yet. It’s not a family secret, but it’s definitely something different and fulfilling. Right now the title I have for it is: Snack Like A GOD
  • #TBT 2015 Red Blend Wine – 4/5 – tastes just like Pinot Noir with a hint of pepper as a finish. It’s easy to drink, fruity at the beginning and a solid wine all around.

Gaming Updates

  • Upcoming Indie Games of 2017
  • Upcoming Game releases of April I have my eye on: Drawn to Death April 4, The Silver Case April 18, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 April 25
  • Rumored CoD leak about the new game going back to WWII. I wish game developers would keep taking chances. I liked the audacity of trying to pave a new narrative going to the future. I liked how Battlefield 1 did the WWI theme. There have been wars since the beginning of time, pick one of those instead of the already hammered to death WWII. I’d love a CoD that was the American Revolution and we as the player take the role as Mel Gibson’s character in the film The Patriot for example. Something like that, or another countries history of war. Not the same old stuff. We as gamers like new things all the time, because we are spoiled, let’s keep up that trend!
  • Boom Beach Update 

Two new heroes – Sgt. Brick and Captain Everspark. Both unique and have their own special abilities, three each to be exact. Finally, the developers at Boom Beach #MadeBoomBeachFunAgain. Adding two new heroes, is exactly what I recommended in my blog iPhone Games I’m Currently Addicted To.

They also introduced a Trader, where every few days the Trader comes around and the player can “trade” tickets gathered from daily rewards and operations in exchange for resources. Some boxes will reveal four different rewards, others only two. I enjoy this new addition.


  • Finding Dory (2016) – Got a lot of hate on IMDb User Reviews. Some people apparently aren’t a fan of sequels, even if it’s to a classic Pixar film like Finding Nemo. That’s why I always say, “Be your own reviewer. Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb are guidelines. Sometimes if a film is rated 5/10 or 50% it’s a gem, other times it’s 5/10 and 50% for a reason.” I loved it and loved the cast. Ty Burrell who plays Phil Dunphy in Modern Family is casted perfectly. I give Finding Dory an 8/10.
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) – I’ve watched the first 20 minutes of this movie a handful of times and passed on it to watch something else. This time I pulled the trigger and was rewarded with an amazing and compelling viewing experience. Another victim to Rotten Tomatoes 51% Rotten Critics review. My Rating 9/10 Awesome.
  • Rudderless (2014) Film Review
  • Wreck-It Ralph 2 – Announced date March 9, 2018
  • Moana – 8/10 – story lacks on some points but songs are flames. Also, is there anything The Rock can’t do? Guy can literally do everything. Superhero.
  • Will be reviewing A Monster Calls – Heard the movie is just as good as the book. Whenever such praise is awarded to a film from book lovers, that’s a guaranteed win.
  • Join our Movie Swap. Give us your email and we’ll set you up with another person who recommends 3 great films they love or watched recently. Here’s the link –


  • iZombie – About a doctor who goes to a party and wakes up in a body bag on the beach the next day only to discover she is craving human brains. Struggling to cope with her new way of life, Liv finds that she is able to use her visions to aid the police. 

This show reminds me of the show Medium where a mom sees visions of murders in her sleep and assists the police in any way she sees fit. Basically it’s the same premise, with added zombie chaos. It’s my new favorite show on TV/Netflix and thanks to Matt Thompson from The Triple Option for Tweeting about it. Or else I would have never discovered it.

So this is a message to all those who follow me on Twitter–Tweet things you love at the moment, or things you hate, you never know who might see it and be forever grateful they discovered a new thing. Season 3 begins on Tuesday, April 4th. Binge it on Netflix like I am and try to catch up. It’s hilarious and full of action!

Here’s a text conversation between me and my brother:


  • Riverdale – Returned Thursday. Like iZombie, Riverdale is on the CW network. I’m 2/2 in CW shows and plan to keep that trend going. Recommend me some CW shows.
  • Rick and Morty – Season 3 Episode 1 premiered while streaming online at Saturday. Watch that if you have a pulse.
  • Mike Tyson Mysteries – Apparently this has been on for 3 seasons as well. Outrageous.
  • Homeland – my award winning tweets you’re missing out on if you’re not following me on Twitter @TheAlbumWeb


Podcasts – Search these titles either on Google or iTunes

  • Skip to the End – Mark, Ben, Gemma and previously Adam are a bunch of knowledgeable and funny Brits calling each other mate, slinging together amazing sentences like, “Bloody hell that film is just terrific”, while reviewing new movies and old classics. In all seriousness though, this is my favorite film podcast out there. Check them out!
  • Up and Vanished – An investigative podcast hosted by Payne Lindsey, following the story of a missing high school teacher who disappears without a trace 12 years ago. It’s the largest case file in the Georgia (US) Police Department. A cold case that gets revived due to the efforts of the podcast creating a thrilling and enticing listening experience. Definitely check this out if you loved the 1st season of Serial. 2nd season of Serial was trash, the quality was fantastic as always, but the subject lacked, I’ll leave it at that.
  • The Fighter & The Kid – I covered this podcast here, one of the most consistent podcasts out there.
  • S-Town – 1st few episodes are compelling. Have 1 episode to go but don’t have the inclination to continue it. I’d pass on this one.

Recommend me some podcasts similar to Up and Vanished and Serial. 

Badass Nature Fact – Chimpanzees

Before I go into how complex and savage Chimpanzees are, here is a little story of what happened to me today.

So it’s 8AM and I’m sitting up in my bed listening to some tunes on my phone. I hear a loud bang outside my door, I didn’t initially recognize what caused it. My throat was in my stomach as fear washed over me. This all happened in less than 10 seconds. Turns out it was a bar of soap attached to a tray thingy that is suction-cupped to my shower wall. I actually didn’t check on it, it could be a ghost for all I know and now I’m going to avoid my bathroom until I forget about it happening all together.

Anyway I had fear from a bar of soap. Look I’m not a pansy, but I’m not John Rambo either. Now imagine plucking me into the jungles of the Congo in Africa, staring down a 100+ pounds of muscle chimpanzee. You know what’s gonna happen next? Here are some possibilities:

  • Option A – I turn around and sprint yelling like the scared little girl that I am
  • Option B – Stand my ground. Then get my limbs pulled off my body, my privates ripped to pieces, and my eyeballs gouged. No fair fights in nature. Ultimate Savagery
  • Option C – Fight to the death – See Option B
  • Option D – Hopefully have a heart attack and keel over and die before my jaw is ripped off and paraded around as a trophy

So, here are some “Oh Shit” facts with my spin and some video of these unassuming but assuming, nightmares.

  1. Chimps are all cute and cuddly when they are young. When they get older, bigger and stronger there face becomes darker and their behavior is more violent. That’s why older chimps aren’t used in TV or Movies. Because they are vicious and ugly bastards
  2. Like all nature, predators attack a preys weaknesses. Humans who have been victims of Chimp attacks have lost their eyes, fingers, toes, arms, legs, private parts, etc.
  3. Lifespan of 40-50 years and weigh between 70-130lbs on average
  4. The average height is about 4 feet tall
  5. Giant Chimps in the Congo also known as Bili Apes, are known to the locals as “Lion Killers”
  6. Giant Chimps stand at around 5 feet 5 inches tall – almost standing eye to eye with this beast would be a sick twisted fate. If humans were smart, we’d use Giant Chimps as the “guard dog” role or use them to fight wars. Dudes running at you with a sword in the Pacific during WWII was scary enough, imagine a Chimp sneaking up on you in the middle of the night? Then again, this was the same notion the humans had in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Caesar was pissed about it. Now there are several movies in the series of Caesar continuing his pissed off antics upon humans. Some of my ideas aren’t smart. 
  7. Chimps are twice as strong as humans with a very low body fat percentage, mostly muscle
  8. Giant Chimps eat other monkeys. Sometimes attack their own within there group
  9. Giant Chimps are very similar to humans in behavior. Empathetic towards one another but also violent.

Source: YouTuber – Motherboard

Source: YouTuber – Nat Geo WILD

Source: YouTuber – Discovery UK

(All Facts are from my brain, National Geographic, Discovery, stories heard on the podcast The Fighter & The Kid, Wikipedia)

And to close out this madness, here is a blog about Big Wave Surfing I posted the other day. Recommend me things to watch, listen to, eat/drink, you know the deal by now



12 thoughts on “Opening Day Weekend Havoc

  1. You should finish S-Town. You’ll still be left with a bunch of questions but definitely just finish it. I WANT THAT FAMILY RECIPE! I WANT TO SNACK LIKE A GOD!

    Also I enjoyed Finding Dory and the Rock is a master of all trades.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you’ll be more disappointed in the recipe now that I hyped it up. After S-Town were you glad you started it in the 1st place? I will finish it but I don’t want to hate-listen to it, ya feel what I’m saying? BTW…that dude was craaaaaaazy

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you are digging iZombie so much! Always happy to spread the word about that show. Gives meaning to my random tweets too! A bonus. I’ve heard good things about this year’s Homeland. I wish I had stuck with it, but I dropped it a couple years back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Homeland died off Season 4 I believe when they focused on Dana, the daughter narrative. Many people hated her character, I did too. It’s been slow for a few seasons. The first couple were awesome and these past two have been great! All of your recommendations so far have been dynamite, so keep pumping those out!


      1. I stopped watching when Peter Quinn had his…. “accident.” He was my favourite character! Fuck that noise. No. I refuse to keep watching!


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