I understand the featured picture should be something Easter related but that’s not how I roll here. How about this Sasquatch of a Hyena. Hyena’s are covered in my Badass Nature Fact section below. If you’re new here, I’ve also covered: Avalanches, Tsunami’s, Eagles, Orcas, Crocodiles, Octopus, and a bunch of other gnarly shit.


Moseyed my way to the city (Boston) and got a mean Sausage on a baguette roll with red peppers and caramelized onions from Dillon’s on Boylston Street. Didn’t take a pic because I inhaled it moments later, delicious.

I also went to The Cabbyshack – The Best Clam Chowda in New England where I swore an oath – “I will never eat Clam Chowda from another place, even if I’m starving or I have to eat it to save humanity.” It’d be an insult to my taste buds to try another Chowda. If you want to taste Heaven and see the birthplace of America, come to Plymouth, Massachusetts.

MOAC “Mother Of All Chowda”. Bomb jokes, they kill.

Lobster roll, beer, and clam chowda. The best!

Gaming Updates

  • Yooka-Laylee & What Remains of Edith Finch. Yooka-Laylee released and is getting mixed reviews. I plan to grab it soon. Edith Finch comes out April 25th and is $15.99 for PS Plus members. Definitely watch the trailer for that if you haven’t heard of it.
  • TellTale Announces New Guardians of the Galaxy Game – April 18th. I’m skeptical about this. I’m a diehard TellTale fan but I’m not ALL-IN on it like most of their games. I love the films, so I’ll definitely have to do some research.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II announced it’s release date – November 17, 2017. Also a pretty cool trailer and promised a campaign, which the first game didn’t include (still pissed about that).
  • Replay – Wolfenstein: The New Order Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – comes to my Twitter @TheAlbumWeb to see some Wolfenstein gameplay on Uber difficulty. Some of the best AI I’ve seen.


  • The Lovely Bones (2009) – A trend that is hard to execute, but one I adore: when a film is just as good as the book. Yeah yeah the guy who always mentions the book when talking about the movie conversation. Got to put it out there. 8/10.


  • The only other person on Twitter who has the same TV Brain as I do is @KFCBarstool. Everything he recommends I either already binged or I’m placing it immediately on my Must-Watch TV list. Vikings, The Missing, Fargo, to name a few. Definitely check him out. (Disclaimer: His persona is hating everything. It’s amazing.)
  • iZombie & Black Sails – Almost caught up on iZombie, have a few episodes of Season 3 (current season) to watch. It’s one of my favorite shows on TV currently and it’s DEFINITELY NOT getting the praise it deserves. Literally nobody is talking about it. Black Sails had the most satisfying season finale (Season 2) that I’ve seen in a very long time. I describe Black Sails to be – “Game of Thrones, except with Pirates and you actually remember all the characters.”


I guess I’ll tip my hand on what I’m blogging about this week. Usually I like to have the surprise on my side. One minute I’m blogging about Clam Chowda, the next I’m writing about the Mavericks Event and how crazy it is. My content is like a 9-banger (a cool type of Flashbang that “bangs” 9 times.) Never know what’s coming next and when it does it’s shocking, surprising, and probably really badass.



  • Search “Barstool Sports” on iTunes. They got a bazillion podcasts with different personalities whether it’s The Podfathers (talk about being a new father, duh), The Pat McAfee Show (Former NFL Punter and gang brings cool guests on) McAfee might be my favorite new addition to Barstool, KFC Radio – hosted by @KFCBarstool who I mentioned above, Foreplay (Golf podcast) had @ShooterMcGavin_ from Twitter (a guy who takes on the legendary persona of Shooter McGavin from the film Happy Gilmore and applies it to pop-culture today. Aka, a genius). If you’re not on Twitter what are you doing? You’re missing out on pretty much everything.
  • Crimetown and Up And Vanished are as good as Serial (1st season only). I’m just starting crimetown and it’s awesome so far. I never knew Providence was a crime family town. Then again, I never really thought about it, but it definitely makes sense since Boston had it’s history of Crime Families.
  • The Fighter & The Kid – the most consistently funny and entertaining podcast out there.

Badass Nature Fact 


 (Source: Reddit

Look at that fucking thing. This dude is almost as legendary as that crazy Mongolian with the pet snow leopard a few Weekend Havocs ago. Snow Leopard or Hyena in a fight to the death? I always talk about my wild animal wolfpack. I do this while I sit on my couch and Tweet nonsense and blog gloriousness. These guys are literally out there creating REAL-LIFE WOLFPACKS. It’s mayhem.

Hyena’s don’t get the credit they deserve either. It’s always the lion or the tiger. Hyena’s are the biggest pains in the asses in Africa. You should know this by now. Remember them in The Lion King (1994)? Yea, those bastards!

Here are some badass facts about these maniacs

  1. Size – 28 to 35 inches tall or 3 feet tall. 90-190 pounds
  2. Diet – Carnivores. 80% kill rate
  3. Effective scavengers
  4. Can detect the smell of their prey up to 4 kilometers away
  5. 4 types of Hyena, Spotted Hyena are the largest (The Lion King Hyenas)
  6. Can sprint up to 37 MPH – aka you’re fucked
  7. Lifespan – 25 years in captivity
  8. Predators: Lions and Humans – The only animal the Hyena fears is a male lion
  9. Ancestors to some absurdly named predator that weighed 400 pounds and had jaws that could splinter the bones of elephants, 200 million years ago
  10. They operate in clans and are fiercely loyal to their pack aka “Nature’s Gangsters”

Source: YouTuber – ClanHyena

All Hyena Fact: Sources: Africa Wildlife DetectiveOut To Africa – Hyenas, and Wikipedia