Call of Duty WWII – Plagued By Public Opinion

I’m about to drop some knowledge bombs on everyone’s faces because I’m pissed off at the direction the CoD franchise keeps going. If you haven’t heard, Call of Duty is releasing a launch trailer on April 26th of it’s new game coming out on November 3, 2017. And when I heard the news that the setting was in WWII I blinked. Usually I’m six to midnight on a new announcement.

I respect both CoD and Battlefield alike. They are the Kings in FPS and are constantly experimenting with new things. Battlefield tried a police narrative in Battlefield Hardline in 2015 and most recently Battlefield 1 covering WWI. These narratives aren’t often covered in gaming. CoD chose to go to the future and fans lost their shit.

WWII is the safe route. The fans will like that we are going back to our roots blah blah blah. You know what fans like me want? I want badass shit from badass wars and conflicts that haven’t been covered yet. WWII has been beaten to DEATH.

Look, I hope I’m wrong here. I hope CoD WWII kicks ass. Some leaks have stated that D-Day is going to be a main focus. Although seen many times in both films and gaming in years past, I think the gameplay on next-gen consoles will be some gnarly shit. However, if the storyline doesn’t follow a narrative that’s unique or different than what we’re expecting, I think it’ll be more of a bust than a gem.

I haven’t finished a CoD campaign in over 3 years. And that’s why I buy the games in the first place. For the single-player experience. At least I can take comfort in knowing that it’s hard to mess up a game in WWII. But it’s disappointing to see they are playing things safe this year.


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Previous CoD’s

Fans of the CoD franchise have been throwing the biggest hissy-fit the gaming community has ever seen with the outer space and future technology direction they went with CoD Advanced Warfare, Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare. And rightfully so. Are these games fun? At some points yeah, it’s Call of Fuckin’ Duty for Christ’s sake!

But are they the dynamite Modern Warfare 1-2 and World At War CoD’s we adore? Of course not. And as fans of the franchise we all want a game that is just as fun, challenging, historic, and engaging as these games were able to deliver.

Because of the backlash CoD got from fans with the futuristic idea, I think they are hesitant to approach new things. I mean their Infinite Warfare announcement initially got 1 MILLION DISLIKES on YouTube. It’s up to around 3.5 million now.

So how about going in a different direction. There have been wars since the beginning of time. Wars will never cease to exist.

Lacking New Ideas

Pull a Far Cry and go Primal. Go to the American Revolution and have a character similar to Mel Gibson’s Benjamin Martin in the film The Patriot (2000). Imagine how fun that’d be? Having some badass maniac who loses his mind after his son gets murdered by some British asshole trying to put the fear of God (Britain) into the poor American farms people. Un huh. Running around with the sweet fury of vengeance with muskets, tomahawks and 3-foot broadswords would be epic!

Shooting cannonballs and conducting guerrilla warfare against the stylized marching the British were all proper on. I’m aware the Brits might not be too keen on seeing American’s kick their sorry asses in the American Revolution in a video game, just like Germans aren’t too keen on their history of Nazis in WWII.

You know what would be badass? You know what would put asses in the seats? Do some CIA shit. Jason Bourne. Have a CIA (insert your Intelligence Agency here) agent hack some phones while sitting next to a suspected terrorist in a coffee shop in the middle of Baghdad circa ’05 when shit is hitting the fan. Multiple playable characters. Take info they got from the terrorist and create a target package and kick that guys door in with a team of Delta operators. First Person Shooter like you dream about.

Do something similar to what Medal of Honor (2010) did having multiple characters working in the same battle space. Going from “Deuce” an Advanced Force Operations Sniper doing recon, to a Navy SEAL in a massive firefight, to an Apache Helicopter Pilot providing air support. Call of Duty – Kickass Warfare.

Cover the civil wars going on in Africa. How many dickhead Warlords are killing, maiming, raping, and kidnapping the innocent people in many African countries? Everybody can get behind having some noble heroes kicking the teeth in of a murdering death squad, right?

Maybe pull a Rainbow Six where the operators are pulled from all the elite units in the military to join a massive Task Force filled with Americans, Germans, Brits, Canadians, French, etc. etc. etc. and stomp on all the enemies across the world.

The possibilities are endless. Gamers want new and interesting experiences. I don’t know if CoD WWII is the answer.


Just one man’s opinion. I guess we’ll see when the trailer launches on Wednesday. I’m bored with the same stuff. And I’m allowed to have this mindset now because of how spoiled we all are as gamers. You wouldn’t hear a peep out of me 5 years ago. But NOW, let’s get our shit together, guys…

  • Are you excited about CoD WWII?
  • What Call of Duty narrative would you rather see?








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      1. No offense taken. It was right around when I started my blog 6 months ago. I signed up to your website via email for blogging tips. But mainly it was through WordPress. I found your blog by other bloggers recommending your site! The blogging community is pretty awesome, supportive, and knowledgeable!

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