Two Of The Most Consistently Entertaining Shows on TV

How does the average 23-year old American watch TV in 2017 you ask and definitely care about? By having it on in the background while constantly updating our Twitter feeds. Sounds pretty bad as I type this, but it’s a reality I endulge in.

Except for when the show is something I love OR it’s entertaining as hell. (Sometimes I LIVE tweet it like the madman that I am) @TheAlbumWeb

Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmerman


Hosted by Andrew Zimmerman; a Chef, Explorer, TV Host, wise guy, that last one is not too far from the truth. A knowledgable personality who describes what he’s tasting while sporting that face you make when you eat something like it was made by the Food Gods.

Zimmerman is the Travel Channel’s version of Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel from a decade ago. He’s fun, adventurous, and always game for a witty response to the often absurd situations he finds himself in.

Whether he’s snowmobiling to an Ice hole to shoot Alaska’s State bird, the Ptarmigan, to have it cooked in a pot via snowmobile engine–to snorkeling in Hawaii’s murky waters in coveted land families have passed down from generation to generation spearfishing frogs and freshwater prawns–each feature is a delight and an unsuspecting surprise.

You’ll be smiling and craving some of the most outrageous, or should I say, bizarre foods. I haven’t done a 180 faster in the matter of 30 seconds when Fried Cow Balls were a feature. At the initial thought and look, Cow Balls don’t get me all up and giddy like the average #TacoTuesday.

Until I saw that they were fried. Proving that anything fried can be amazing. Fried Chicken. Fried Oreo. Fried Cow Balls. It’s progression here kids.

The great thing about the show is that it’s global. He travels the world, not just the US. So I can get hyped about the possibility of eating Reindeer Testicles in Stockholm, or Softshell Turtles in Shanghai, or Iguana meat in Panama. My future worldly travels are gonna be put on the map when I tell my friends I just came back from eating Tuna Eyeballs for a snack.

If you have eyeballs✔️ like food shows ✔️like variety ✔️like travel ✔️Bizarre Foods gets my seal of approval.

(Note: There are a variety of different titles but its all the same. Just search Bizarre Foods)

Best Bars in America

Hosted by two comedians; Jay Larson, a fellow masshole and Sean Patton the unpredictably funny friend, travel across the country visitng Esquire’s top bars, speakeasies, mixology spots, and any respectably iconic place with beer and alcohol.

Rainey Street in Austin, Bourbon Street in New Orleans, dive bars in Chicago, Brunch spots in Boston, Tiki Paradises in California, each place is unique and has their own stories, history and traditions to share.

Exclusive bar games like Feather Bowling to peculiar food mixologists serving up drinks you never knew existed, it’s the perfect combination between comedy and culture.

What makes this show great is the outlandish and downright silly things Patton does to get a laugh as Jay simply interacts with the locals to get a feel of the scenery. Their individual mannerisms are noteworthy, especially when they play an integral role adding entertainment to the show.

If you plan on traveling or road tripping or want to see if your city has some awesome bars, check this show out because you may find a new local watering hole.

Let me know what Travel or Food Network shows are currently captivating you


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