Christopher Cassidy – First Person Inducted into the Human Hall OF Fame

There are a handful of people who are alive today who deserve to be inducted into the Human Hall OF Fame, one of these badasses will be talked about today. For starters, I believe Astronauts are a part of the Human All-Star Team.

People don’t give these mad scientist types the recognition they deserve. If you become an astronaut, fly to outer space, land on the moon, go to the International Space Station and live to tell the tale, you should get universal icon status and Harrison Ford treatment. I mean as long as you’re not a dick about it, you’ve accomplished more than 99% of the population and have the largest cajones in the galaxy as far as I’m concerned.

Remember Kim Kardashian? You know, probably the most famous person on the planet? Famous for a sex tape, congrats on the sex, blah blah blah?

My first induction into the Human Hall of Fame is a guy by the name of Christopher Cassidy. Not many people know about this legend. This dude has lived more lives in his one life himself. Yeah, that sentence was as confusing and mind boggling as to what Cassidy has accomplished before hitting the half century mark in his life. 

Before becoming a space traveler, Cassidy graduated from the prestigious Naval Academy, passed BUD/S (the hardest military training in the world) also known as Navy SEAL training, fought terrorists in Afghanistan shortly after 9/11 earning himself a Bronze Star with “V” for valor and stole every other SEALs girlfriends on the team in the process.


Would you look at that a fellow Masshole. No wonder why this savage has a hardcore mentality. He grew up in Salem, Massachusetts, a town famously known for its history with witch trials that occurred in 1692. He had to worry about Witch Ghosts every day growing up and coming back to town enacting their revenge.

Quick sidenote, how dumb were people 400 years ago though? I imagine 400 years from now, humans will look back at our generation today and say while laughing those morons used to sit in traffic, they used to drive to stores and pick up food, they used to work for a living. Robots, ever heard of one? You idiotic scoundrels. 

After 4 combat deployments and living a life of a certified badass, Cassidy thought, what’s more hardcore than the SEAL Teams?


Try riding a rocket like a bull to outer space searching for any and all aliens to befriend. Literally the perfect guy to have space relations with intergalactic life forms. If every alien thinks humans are as hardcore and gnarly as Cassidy, they would think twice about annihilating our planet. Imagine if aliens were inferior to humans and they feared us instead of us fearing them, something to think about.

Cassidy is the 500th person to travel to space. The second Navy SEAL to do so, first guy was another badass named William Shepherd. He’s spent 181 days and 23 hours total outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Has 6 total EVA’s (Extra-Vehicular Activity), which is times spent outside of the spacecraft totaling 31 hours and 14 minutes. In 2013 on a EVA mission, Cassidy performed his first space selfie, which was recognized as one of the best selfies of 2013. Buzz Aldrin is credited with taking the first space selfie back in 1966.

At 47 years old and serving as the Chief of the Astronaut Office at NASA as of 2015, Cassidy will continue to be a model human. Earning him the coveted position as First Human Inducted into the prestigious Human Hall OF Fame.

If you’re wondering, I’m creating a Human Hall OF Fame where I’m chronicling the top Humans to ever exist on the Planet Earth. Some criteria for the Human Hall OF Fame will be detailed at a later date.

The gist of it is, in order to get into The Hall, they must be ELITE. Would I ever make The Hall you ask? Maybe by association for enacting the damn thing, maybe get my picture on the wall as The Creator of The Hall but NOT as a member. The first guy in The Hall was a freaking Navy SEAL Astronaut! How the hell am I going to compete with that guy?!

Tweet me some of your suggestions for The Hall @TheAlbumWeb and I’ll consider them if they are worthy




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