Far Cry 5 Announcement Trailer – Attacking Controversy With Logic

Far Cry 5
Release Date: February 27, 2018
PS4, Xbox One, PC

Synopsis – Cult leader known as “The Father” runs the cult nicknamed “The Family” or  formally known as Project at Eden’s Gate in Hope County, Montana. His plans are to enact an aggressor force against the government and any outsiders against their cause. The player takes the role of a junior deputy who arrives just as things are kicking off. The identity of the junior deputy is unknown at this point, gender and race is to be announced at a later date.

The character trailers at the end appear to be allied characters the player should expect to link up with at some point throughout the game.


From the featured image we see a modern Bow & Arrow, we can expect the same guns in previous Far Cry games like AK-47 assault rifles, grenade launchers, hand grenades, knife, etc. The character trailer released after the initial announcement trailer showed a mini-gun attachment to the prop plane indicating a potential in dogfights. In the featured image a spray-painted red design across what appears to be a German Shepherd-Wolf mix opens the possibility for animal style combat where Far Cry thrives.

Muscle cars, big tractor trailer trucks like Optimus Prime minus the alien transformation, ATV’s, dirt bikes, helicopters, all the typical forms of transportation one would expect to find in a heavily dominated mountainous terrain filled with uneven landscapes, what could go wrong?

Evil Antagonist on-par with Vaas and Pagan Min


Vaas from Far Cry 3 is one, if not my favorite antagonist in video game history. “Do you understand the definition of insanity? It’s doing the same fucking thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result”.

Vaas was barbaric and a PEAK villain. He would shoot his own guys for the simplest of mistakes. He would murder and bury innocents in mass graves because he wanted to. He had the freedom to do whatever he wanted because of his actions, go against him, end up dead. His people and soldiers were prisoners to his regime whether they liked it or not.

What made Pagan from Far Cry 4 so terrifying was his power and unpredictable nature. The “unknown” is scary in all forms of life. Now put that “pucker factor” in the hands of a leader of a place that’s foreign to the player. There is more of a connection and mutual respect between Pagan and Ajay (the player) than that of Vaas and Jason, and spite grew overtime as Ajay fought with the Golden Path against Pagan.

I’m interested to see how the protagonist relationship with “The Father” in Far Cry 5 coincides with one another. Will it be more of a Vaas/Jason relationship, Pagan/Ajay, or a mix of both? I’m hoping for a new dynamic that combines these character-driven stories.

Controversy – Fighting Questions with Logic and Reason

Where is the FBI, The National Guard, Police?


Cmon guys, have a brain for me for once. It’s an announcement trailer with little information about the story. We know the player is a junior deputy of the police department so I’m assuming he’s alone and doesn’t have communication to the outside world. He must form contacts on the ground rather than getting support from bigger government organizations who can help like the FBI and the National Guard. I don’t know for sure, because it’s an announcement trailer.

I know in the UK in response to terror incidents and the like, they can deploy the military including badass SAS and SBS commandos that support raids against terrorists. Well in the US, our military can’t fight domestically unless our country is pretty much fallen apart or completely lost control – think WWIII. So there are no Navy SEALs walking the streets in combat fatigues.

The US has the National Guard who helps out domestically and occasionally deploys internationally if there is a war going on. They mostly do disaster support and riot control and things like that (Hurricane Katrina). So in this case is it viable to have the National Guard deploy? Depends, like I said, I don’t know the full story, whether the protagonist can even make comms in this situation, so I can’t make an accurate judgement call.

Fighting against White American Cultist who outlaw the government, are brainwashed, and kill people who don’t believe in their cause 


I’m seeing comments from fans in response to the theme as something like, “As a White American, I find this incredibly racist blah blah blah”. You ever notice all the people who are like, “As a human being” or in this specific case, “As a White American”, go on to say their ludacris point as if being a white American or a human gives them some sort of credibility on the topic?

Be like dude, I’m a white American too, fighting white zealots who are religious fanatics who kill people who don’t follow their beliefs and doing everything in their power to stop them is the only answer. In order to stop these maniacs from hurting more people, got to speak their language; guns, explosions, and kickass mayhem. The cult’s motto is: Faith, Freedom, Firepower. Everybody understands the language of Gun. It’s not hard to grasp. I don’t have any problem, in a video game, hunting down bad guys/gals no matter what they look like. But apparently you do, because you’re human or something…

“As a human being, it is wrong to cast Americans in such a negative light”, open a history book! If you think a story about a cult in your state includes all Montanans and not that sub section of people in the cult, then you’re crazy as a loon. My response is usually, “As an elephant, I believe”, just to point out the ridiculousness of saying that phrase to somehow make whatever I say next superior.

Rabbit hole rant: Terminated.


The cult narrative is perfect for Far Cry. Vaas was insane, Pagan was unpredictable making him terrifying, and I expect “The Father” to be equally diabolical like all Cult Leaders naturally tend to be.

Have to watch out for the extremists in every following: Religious extremists of Islam blow themselves up thinking they’ll go to paradise. In 1997, 39 members of the Heaven’s Gate cult in California, killed themselves hoping to reach a spaceship after news broke-out that the Hale-Bopp Comet was discovered. Both of these examples really do happen and continue to this day. Evil people brainwash either damaged minds or kids who don’t know any different and create these types of fanatical followings.

Far Cry 5 seems to be following more of the Waco events where FBI and ATF agents seized the Brand Davidson compound in 1993. Four ATF agents were killed and numerous were wounded. It’ll be interesting to see how the story correlates with these historical events.

Video Game Theme Controversy and Religion Extremism 


Is there controversy because its a video game? True Detective Season 1 followed a religious spiritual narrative in the Southern region of the US and they got praised and awarded across the board. It has to be the religious aspect, right? I can understand defending a religion one thinks is attached to this game, but I don’t understand how someone can compare an entire religion with the fanatics. Where have you been for the last decade of the wars in the Middle East? Normal people who follow their religions like Islam try to live their lives everyday despite the actions of a select minority. Then the fanatical extremists who kill others for not having the same belief system. So stop fucking comparing it to be the same, use some brain power and think with your mind not your emotions.


I love games and stories that include real-world politics in their plots. Let me be clear here, I dislike the 24 hour news cycle covering politics, but I love the discussions and real-world implications that come from it. When the most recent season of Homeland premiered, it attached the political election to it’s fictional story. They got it down to a T and it was strangely accurate on many parts except for who became President.

Mafia III utilized the subject of an African-American male growing up in the South after returning from the Vietnam War. With mixed reactions and perspectives, it welcomed a different vibe than what games without this aspect deliver.

Are the Far Cry developers trying to imply that the country is divided and challenging the government? Well, in this case it would be the drastic intentions. But after this election, many feel afraid for reasons of their own accord because of the administration who is currently in office. My personal feelings on the matter aside, it’s an interesting topic and I hope to continue to see politics included in story-driven games because its often followed by a conversation discussing the content involved.

Tweet me @TheAlbumWeb or comment your thoughts on the new Far Cry 5 Announcement Trailer. If you have similar or alternate feelings on the plot, I’d love to discuss further

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4 thoughts on “Far Cry 5 Announcement Trailer – Attacking Controversy With Logic

  1. This sounds like a game I’ll be picking up, for the social commentary of nothing else. I love when games take on serious topics. They are in a unique position to increase empathy and understanding because the player *experiences* the events, not just watches/reads about them. Of course, it requires using your brain, like you mentioned…

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  2. I love the Far Cry series. I don’t think I ever really thought of putting one in the US until the rumors popped up about this one. But after seeing the trailer it is a perfect choice. Montana has a lot of great environments and I love the characters they have shown so far. The story possibilities excite me. I am curious in what ways they might evolve the gameplay. Just another game I’m excited to see them show more of at E3 this year.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m really considering buying this a little bit after its release. I’ve not played any FC games (I nearly bought Primal for a hefty discount on PS store, but I never did), but the setting and story alone of this one looks good enough. Nice post.

    Liked by 1 person

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