Memorial Day Weekend Havoc

Never, EVER forget the warriors we lost over the years. 15+ years of continuous deployments and combat fighting the wars against terrorism. All the past conflicts and wars in US history and those we lost. And all the allies who fight side by side with the US and give their lives.

It should be noted that I don’t care about your political opinions. I don’t care if you are against wars and all the thoughts that provoke criticism that should be talked about. I do care about those who decide to serve in the prime of their lives, deploy to combat knowing there is a chance they could die, and volunteer to do so willingly.

This Memorial Day Weekend we lost an Army Ranger from the elite 75th Ranger Regiment in Syria on Friday and a Navy SEAL on the Leap Frogs Parachute Team. While you’re cooking burgers and sipping on beer, men and women are fighting, serving, and dying to prevent the chaotic acts of violence from coming home. Europe is starting to see this wave in their countries and it breaks my heart.

It’s a strange time in our history. 15+ years of war and the American people are kind of numb to it all. Nothing really surprises me anymore. I’ve been hearing things being said like, “How can people do such violence on innocent people? On children? How could anybody do this, it’s sickening.”

And I just kind of sit there in disbelief. I think people say this stuff because it’s shocking and incomprehensible to think about in there every day lives. I think, “Where the fuck have you been for the past 15 years?”, but I catch myself every time because a lot of people don’t think about these things that go on in other countries because they have there own lives to live. They don’t need to or have to be exposed to such heinous acts of violence because there are people who shoulder these burdens.

So as Memorial Day Weekend closes, think about our fallen warriors, tell stories, laugh, eat some burgers, have a few beers and remember those who gave it all.

American Flag above my bed

Now let’s get back to a more lighter note and talk some Upcoming Posts, Food/Drinks, Games, Podcasts, + Badass Nature Fact

Upcoming Posts

  • Got a post inducting another member into the prestigious Human Hall OF Fame – this one was a bit tricky because of historical credit. So I made some adjustments, adapted and overcame, and should be dropping sometime next week.
  • I haven’t wrote it yet, but a post about a movie based off true events. It’s badass, daunting, terrifying, gnarly, intense, and breathtaking all at the same time. I just hope they don’t fuck it up because it’s an amazing story and for it to not get its glory would be a real shame.
  • I discovered a podcast name and I know for a FACT my friends are gonna give me shit for it because of the name. BUT it’ll be a neat talking point and lead to some interesting conversations.
  • Movie Watching Rampage – I decided to axe the TV/Film portion of this blog so I can cover it in detail in a later post.
  • A few gaming posts talking about story-driven games, influential games upon my life, E3, etc.
  • A weapon system that I wish was still used today. It was insanely effective hundreds of years ago and personally I think some of our US commandos should carry a new, improved, and technologically advanced, one of these bad boys.


I went out to dinner with my family twice this weekend. Once was to a local restaurant I despise because every time I go there something gets messed up. And it always happens to me, nobody else! I think it happens for a reason and someone there hates my guts, so they do it on purpose, but I digress. Anyway, this time I got a duck breast and it was AWESOME. I never had duck and if you haven’t eaten it before, it tastes like a mix between pork and chicken. It came with a mix of spinach, carrots, and I think raspberries together like Ratatouille. A++

The other restaurant I went to was The Texas Roadhouse for my Nana’s birthday. Got to catch up with my cousins and eat some pretty good food. The Roadhouse is steakhouse that is generally good and deserves the praise it gets. It’s not my favorite steakhouse and doesn’t even get a thought to be the best from me, but it’s a place that you can definitely get a great meal and enjoy your time there. Great atmosphere. I texted my Texan buddy and apparently they have Texas Roadhouses in Texas. Absurd…

Whirlpool Soft Pale Ale 


From Nightshift Brewing I’ve been seeing this beer pop up all around Instagram and after seeing fellow WP blogger Thamanda Crompson pickup a different beer from the same brewery, I had to go to the local Watering Hole and pickup some brewskis. Turns out I got a pretty sweet Whirlpool glass and Owl Bottle opener.

There’s Iced Tea in that because I needed to add something to make it pop. Ran out of Whirlpool when the glass came, shame.

Whirlpool – “Soft pale ale bursting with notes of ripe peach and citrus – 4.5% ABV” according to their website – Night Shift Brewing. It’s like a Blue Moon minus the orange and add the citrus. I love it.


  • Far Cry 5 Announcement Trailer – Attacking Controversy With Logic – Far Cry 5 dropped on everyone’s faces and I decided to drop some ill-advised knowledge bombs.
  • Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy drops a month from tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s more of a “built from the ground up” than essentially a remaster. Expect it for June 30th. If you have any info on whether their will be a collectors addition, contact your boy, because I WANT/NEED it.
  • World to the West – Seems like an interesting indie game I’ll give a go. It’s about four individuals from different walks of life and must team up to stop an evil from destroying their towns. So basically, every story in history, but the graphics look cool, the gameplay appears to be fun and hopefully the story is something different.
  • TellTale’s The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 5 drops tomorrow the 30th of May. Played 4 episodes so far, it’s good, but not TellTale’s best game.


  • I’ve been pondering the thoughts of starting a podcast for months now. Bring on some interesting guests that puts asses in the seats. I got a name, that I won’t reveal yet because I’m still on the diving board and haven’t committed to leaping into the abyss.
  • Patriot to the Core – by Thad Forester, brother of an Air Force Combat Controller (CCT) Mark Forester, who was killed in Afghanistan. He brings on guys who served with Mark, other CCT’s, people who run warfighter foundations, and guests that don’t go on other podcasts. It’s legit and entertaining

Badass Nature Fact

Since it’s Memorial Day, I will honor some of the most terrifying K9’s and lovable balls of fur I’ve ever seen with my own two eyeballs.


Look at that guy! Just another day hanging out with Dad eating ice cream, head out the window, and a smirk across his face.

Since the beginning of time dogs have been used in combat. Whether it was the Romans who would use dogs to track enemy fighters and scout enemy positions. In WWII dogs would carry medical supplies in pouches attached to something like a doggie-vest along the frontline to wounded soldiers. Today they detect explosives and bite terrorists faces off.

One badass dog in particular wasn’t even trained to be a military dog. He was more of a morale support role and a kickass friend. In WWII, Ant flew combat missions with his handler. Not physically flying using the controls and hand paw signals, that would be legendary, but lying at his Dad’s feet co-pilot style – Book Review – The Dog Who Could Fly by Damien Lewis

Modern Day

One, if not THE most badass story I’ve heard over the years was; US Commandos intercepted Taliban communications after a raid and the Taliban were heard saying, “Ninjas came with Lions”.


There is without a doubt in my mind accompanied by their proven track record, having one of these bad good boys on an operation boosts morale, success, and capabilities. Instead of sending in a bunch of dudes into a barricaded and fortified position, send in the dog first to disorientate and engage the bad guy. These dogs also find hidden weapons caches, booby traps, hidden compartments sometimes people hide in, explosives, narcotics etc.

The best way to describe the power of their noses is the Chicken Noodle Soup comparison. Humans smell the soup as whole. Dogs smell the chicken broth, carrots, chicken, noodles, etc. individually.

There bite is so powerful it breaks bone. Anywhere their handlers go, the dog can go to. Whether it’s skydiving from planes, swimming across a river, flying in helicopters, rappelling down a cliff, they add their capabilities and become a critical asset to the team.

In closing, everyone thinks about our fallen human heroes, but don’t often think about the military working dogs who fight alongside our warfighter’s and die saving countless of lives. They are awarded as if they were human, many have received Purple Hearts for being wounded-in-action. They are loved just like if they were a teammate. From the past decade of fighting they’ve earned themselves the fierce nicknames of “fur-missles” and “hair-missles”, one operator said, for launching themselves after a full out sprint into someone’s body subduing them.

Never Forget.

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