The Universal Blogging Award Thingamajig

Originally this blog was going to be a Blog Update but it’s super long so I’m just going to make it my Universal Blogging Award post. It’s the only time I’m going to do it.

Blogging Awards – I’m honored that you guys nominate me for these, I’m flattered quite honestly. But I generally don’t do them, just not my thing, not my personality to do it. Look there’s a fact, oh what a prick. I will list out 15 facts about me and some blogs you guys should check out towards the end of this section. 15 facts on steroids, like the Incredible Hulk of facts. And if I get nominated again, this is the long-ass blog I’ll send them…pray for them, they don’t deserve it, but it’s the price they’ll have to pay.

But those aren’t the rules Matt…

Why don’t I do them? First, I think it’s rad that other bloggers hat-tip each other for being awesome! I don’t do them because it’s just not for me. I’m a sled dog. I’m like one of the Snow Lions from The Iditarod. As long as I get to run alongside my pals, interact, and crush everything, I’m happy. I’m in it for the journey not the glory. Not saying you guys are in it for the glory who do them.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I’ve noticed I have gotten a cold-shoulder from those who nominated me then just blacklisted me ever since. I’m not trying to be a jerk, I’m like Indiana Jones, I’m seeking the next adventure. Bold move comparing myself to Indy for blogging. I’m the dude who gives it his all then just kind of melts away into the Earth…

So thanks for nominating me in the past: Hira, Matthew, Luna, Amanda Crystal, Liz C, and anybody I missed because I either didn’t see it or my brain just doesn’t work.

Now after all that. Allow me to do a mix of all the awards like I said I wouldn’t but now I am and after all that shenanigans this is my shining moment in the land called Irony.

15 Hard-hitting facts about your boy

  1. I’m ambidextrous. I throw a baseball righty and shoot a gun lefty. I once had a Navy SEAL tell me I’d be fucked in a fight because of this. Thankfully I’m not getting into any mano-e-mano deathmatches any time soon so I’m good. But if I do, send me your Thoughts & Prayers because I’m gonna need it, big time.
  2. I only eat Clam Chowda from The Cabbyshack in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This isn’t a plug, well it is, but no BS, if you go out to eat with me and Clam Chowda is on the menu, I almost snark at the audacity for it being there in the first place. I value my taste buds.
  3. I value my taste buds most of the time – If there was a Guinness Book of World Records slot for burning my tongue while sipping on a hot cup of tea/hot chocolate, you’d see a squinty face of myself next to the deed. You would think I would learn my lesson. And you’d be wrong, every time.
  4. I love war movies – I grew up watching Commando on VHS. I used to have mock wars with my toy army guys as Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down played in the background as I was strategically placing guys around the battlefield – my living room.
  5. I’m un-athletic but do athletic stuff – I run, swim, lift weights, all that shenanigans and it’s a big part of my life. But I’m painfully un-athletic. Goddamn genes. Have some rants about the fitness world in a later blog.
  6. I’m 23 years old and having a quarter life-crisis 2 years before a real quarter life-crisis. Aren’t we all though, anybody out there?
  7. I have really cool friends but I’m not cool – I have friends from all around the country (US) who I’d do anything for. I’m fiercely loyal. Friends from all walks of life – originally I listed them out but that seems douchey so let’s just say, one of my friends bought a Jurassic Park jeep today…LEGEND
  8. Human Hall OF Fame is my favorite thing to blog about – I love learning about people’s lives, innovations, history, and the incredible things humans do. Just a reminder, I’m not in The Hall, but my picture will be on the wall as The Creator, a little tidbit to all the women out there who think too highly of me.
  9. I’m an activity music listener if that makes any sense? – When I’m training outside or at the gym or wherever, I listen to metal (not screamo), rock and rap, that’s it. So when I’m at a cookout or BBQ and sipping on some cold ones, metal and guitar riffs aren’t on the playlist when my little cousin is frolicking by the pool. It’s likely country or classic rock or whatever is popular at the time. I listen to everything pretty much. When I’m studying or reading I like listening to instrumentals by Hans Zimmer and songs similar to that.
  10. My favorite blogging playlist is “Your Favorite Coffeehouse” on Spotify – right now it has 2,450,818 followers if you’re searching for it.
  11. I love video games – I love  gaming. The more I read and write about games, the more appreciative I am towards the influence the medium entails. It frustrates me to see that if a popular game gets criticized, people default to personal attacks rather than discussions. But I guess that’s the way of the Internet nowadays.
  12. Remakes of Classic Movies Infuriate me – Red Dawn, Ghostbusters, The Sandlot. I heard Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is remaking the cult-classic Big Trouble in Little China. I love The Rock. But get that shit out of my face. The French film called The Intouchables is one of my favorite foreign films of all-time. It’s being remade starring Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston called Untouchable…shame. Shame. SHAME.
  13. I’m self-conscious about my writing voice – I swear and kind of do an unfiltered tone when writing. I think it’s more real and adds a comedic value to what I’m trying to emphasize. But it looks very unprofessional.
  14. I try not to comment about Politics – sometimes I become unhinged on Twitter, follow me @TheAlbumWeb. Twitter is like the Wild Wild West of the Internet. Just because you have a Blue Check Mark doesn’t mean your opinions about Nature and Volcanos matter. I’m a very middle ground kind of guy. Learn the facts, check the sources, then formulate an opinion on the matter. I’m sick of all this hoopla and finger pointing.
  15. I’m a moron and shouldn’t be taken too seriously – I laugh at myself far too many times in a day for my idiocy. Like the time I forgot a raincoat and had to walk a mile to my car in the pouring rain. I started laughing and sprinting dodging puddles. People probably thought I was insane. Those people are probably right. But I had fun. And that’s all that matters.

I know the rules say to nominate people for an award, but this isn’t really even a thing. The Universal Blogging Award? I guess I nominate all those who don’t normally do Awards. Check out these cool bloggers who I enjoy reading.

  1. V Donovan from Coolbeans4 – Has a Sneeze List Every Year and Blogs about other quirky things including TV. V Donovan (Beans) is awesome and one of my favorite Internet friends.
  2. Quinn from When Do I Get The Manual – Blogs about her life adventures, things everybody can relate to, and other awesomeness from WordPress’ resident Irish Blogger.
  3. Matthew Thompson from The Triple Option – TV, Movies, and Video Games. One of the better writers I’ve come across, very knowledgable about these mediums and an avid sports lover like myself. Matt and I have a lot of the same interests in these mediums and I can’t recommend his content enough.
  4. Jay and Sean from Assholes Watching Movies – one of my favorite WP movie blogs. If you love movies and want to read gloriousness, check them out!
  5. 1 Broke Gamer Girl – because we all are broke when affording all the games that are pumped out every year. A gaming blog that focuses on a lot of the older games from previous consoles from last generation.
  6. Sauce Box – This dude is really funny and definitely a great blog to read if you like to laugh or have a pulse.
  7. Lindsey from Lindsey Blogs – TV and Film Documentaries. A newer blog that definitely deserves the praise. Big Documentary guy over here.
  8. Kim and Ben from Later Levels – Very personable gamers where I find it a pleasure to discuss gaming news.  Solid duo of radness.
  9. Rachel from Just Getting Out of Bed – About travel and food. And style if you’re into that kind of stuff. A great travel blog to check out.
  10. Molly from SpoonMeBlog – follow her Instagram @Spoonmeblog because the food is mouthwatering and I’m insanely jealous of it, 24/7/365.
  11. Foodimentary – National Food Holidays – Exactly what the title says. Cool and interesting facts about food born on that day.

There are plenty of great bloggers out there that I didn’t mention. Don’t shoot the messenger as the kids say. 1629 words later…






17 thoughts on “The Universal Blogging Award Thingamajig

      1. I can’t really name composers off the bat but there are a few scores I like e.g. ‘Adagio in D minor’ by John Murphy from ‘Sunshine’. ‘On the nature of daylight’ by Max Richter from ‘Arrival’. The theme from the ‘Lost City of Z’ trailer is rather epic too.

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      2. Yea I can’t name composers off the cuff either, need to make that point clear haha. I’ll check those out. I like the scores from movies too, I often find myself looking them up after watching the movie.


  1. Enjoyed reading this! Keep your posts unfiltered, I think it works. šŸ˜€ And I’m pretty much the same way with music – metal/rock during commute, and Clint Mansell/Break of Reality instrumentals for work/study.

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  2. Hey, I appreciate the mention on here. I’m looking forward to that fitness blog you mentioned in the future. Working out is one of my big hobbies, so I’m curious what kind of rants you have in store. The guy that does barbell curls in the squat rack… he gets my ire.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey, I have just seen this for some reason I didn’t get a notifications about the tag šŸ™‚ thanks for the mention! I am so new to the blogging but really enjoy it! It makes me feel good that other people actually read and enjoy my blog! thankkkk you šŸ™‚

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