Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn

Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn is a valuable and applicable solution anyone can do as long as they keep their head on a swivel, avoid buying into the nonsense, and stay proactive in their pursuit towards their goal. For context, let’s tackle the fitness industry.

“Hacks” to improve your life don’t exist

I want to say I’m surprised when I hear foolish statements get thrown around but I’m not. Whether it’s in the gym, discussing training programs, or sitting around and having a snack, you’ve heard it before. And I must admit I have fallen into this trap before where I used to say, “sleep is for the weak” while pretending to be tough as a wee-lad who first started training. The new phrase over the past year is “how to hack your life”.

The person who coined the phrase Sleep is for the weak is equally as idiotic as the person who came up with how to hack your life. Sleep is for the weak is a tough-guy mantra that pads ego and doesn’t prove anything but immaturity and lack of knowledge about the body. Life Hacking: refers to any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency; in all walks of life. Hacking your life is a good way of losing money, not fully developing a skill, and someway or another will hurt you down the road.

There are many SME’s (Subject Matter Expert’s) out there who will recommend a variety of different methods to develop nutrition plans, training programs and recovery tools.

There is also a lot of disinformation and erroneous recommendations being written on the Internet where anybody who has some sort of knowledge on the matter, shakes their head in anger and disbelief. Whether the articles are formatted in a way similar to; 11 Ways to Get Motivated to go to the Gym; Supplements The Rock Uses, So You Should To; This 7-minute workout is all you need to get in shapeIt’s lazy and wrong. More on a solution to get on the right track below.

Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn

  1. Learn to Listen – Learn to listen to those who have trained the highest level athletes and performers. There is a reason why professional athletic organizations in the NFL, MLB, and more seek out these coaches and professionals in the field. It’s because they know what they are talking about, improve results with calculated programs supported by science, and have the experience to back it up. You don’t see the New England Patriots seeking out Joe Schmo. And neither should you.
  2. Listen to Learn – Now that you have an idea of who to listen to. Read up on these professionals because not only do they have proven track records to back up their methods, you’ll learn something new that can be immediately applied to improve yourself.
  • Power Athlete HQ – The Power Athlete Team has developed strength and conditioning programs for professional athlete organizations, Cross-Fit, Naval Special Warfare, and has held seminars for aspiring strength coaches. They also build programs for every day people who take their training seriously. They have one of the best podcasts on iTunes and I even covered one of their breakdowns when they decided to go off topic and talk about which ’85 or ’94 Movies were the best in a single year .
  • Jeff Nichols – shown above in the Sleep and Recovery video – I linked his gym Virginia High Performance because he has a team of knowledgeable coaches who can also provide any information you need.
  • Brett Bartholomew  – Works with collegiate, pro, and olympic athletes and preaches the importance in the proper ways of coaching. You can also hear him on Power Athlete
  • Eric Magee – Focuses on remote training and is one of the most knowledgable people I’ve ever come across.

Take the Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn method and apply it to other avenues in your life. Whether it’s developing yourself to being better at your job, learning a new skill, or simply being more well-rounded. It’s only going to help you in the end.




4 thoughts on “Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn

    1. Ehh I think there is a fine line when talking about “life hacks”. I think if its something that doesn’t apply to developing a skill where you don’t need to put the work in, then its okay. There are better and easier ways of doing things that I guess would be considered a “life hack”.


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