1 Year Later: 9/27/16 – 9/27/17

Shouts to all those out there in the trenches trying to get that RespeK on their name. Doing this for a year now originally started as a way to put my thoughts down somewhere so I didn’t go insane while in a waiting process to start a career in something rather intense per se. Then this blog molded into something special. I never thought this would come to be what it is. Now its something I use as a creative outlet to showcase humor in a way that makes learning about awesome people, historical events, reviews, features and a whole lot more, as an enjoyable as possible without sacrificing the facts. 

Thanks for reading this mayhem because its pretty cool interacting and forming Internet friendships with people all around the world. Couldn’t do that a decade ago while sitting in a restaurant thousands of miles away, unless I yelled really loudly.

Gonna be pretty special when I travel to a foreign country and reach out to those connections I’ve made over the last year. Gathering some insider/locals information from fellow bloggers concerning the best spots to visit without looking like a typical American Tourist – which I heard is the worst kind. 

There is a lot of useless information on the Internet that is rather not exciting nor important to even consider looking at. I will continue to bridge that gap making this site a spot for people to learn about interesting things, laugh, and forget about all the BS that they are currently trying to escape from. Come to me, chosen one!

So thanks for reading! I’m glad my friends think this shit is actually pretty good rather than just padding my ego. I’m glad to have expanded my circle to people who are better writers and are willing to help mentor me to be successful. And I’m glad.

Let’s keep this rolling on death race pace and take this battleship across more countries than ever before (96) and counting! And a special shout out to the dude from the Isle of Man who called me out on Twitter for reasons that I don’t remember but are probably totally called for. Isle of Man is a real place with real people, who knew?

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