THE Most Badass Handwritten Letter in Modern History

On May 8, 1945, OSS operative (and future C.I.A. director) Richard Helms, gathered his wits and crafted the most badass hand-written letter in modern history to his three-year old son. Located at the top left-hand corner, the man who would originally write on these sheets of paper, was none other than Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler. It was written on his personal stationary from The Bergof – Hitler’s mountaintop retreat where he spent most of his time – in the Bavarian Alps.

Richard Helms V-E Day Letter
The letter read, “Dear Dennis, the man who might have written on this card once controlled Europe – three short years ago when you were born. Today he is dead, his memory despised, his country in ruins. He had a thirst for power, a low opinion of man as an individual, and a fear for intellectual honesty. He was a force for evil in the world. His passing, his defeat – a boon for mankind. But thousands died that it might be so. The price of ridding society of bad is always high. Love, Daddy.”

(chills engulf body) The letter dated Victory in Europe Day, which brings more meaning to the feelings and impact expressed by the allies towards the war.

Can we go back to the days when we were writing letters to one another? Seriously, everything that is written now has no purity, no elegance, no real meaning – it’s mostly just text lingo, memes, GIFs, and people being mad online. I think the last time I sat down and put pen to paper for a physical letter was to Santa Claus ‘circa ’02 and if we’re being honest, it was probably not even a structured letter. I bet it was a sloppy bulleted list that was probably written in crayon.

I couldn’t even imagine receiving a letter like this from my hardcore father who once sat at Hitler’s desk himself, collected a few souvenirs, took in the moment, then reflected on the situation in a letter addressed directly to ME.

I strongly suggest watching Hunting Hitler on the History channel because it’s absolutely fascinating to see that Hitler not only prepared for his demise, but planned to escape along with many high ranking military officials. They tried to develop the Fourth Reich in numerous South American countries. It’s currently in its third season and well worth the watch for history connoisseurs. In addition, it features a lot of talented professionals who made a career in hunting terrorists and now take those skills and apply them to tracking down history’s most fascinating mystery.

Expect more OSS related content because if there is one thing that gets me giddy with excitement, it’s of the tales of a rag-tag group comprised of dicey characters who were hand-selected to kick the shit out of fascism for the good of humanity. Especially considering, their leader was Wild Bill Donovan (front and center).

Flamboyant? Perhaps, but come say that to my face, pretty boy – Wild Bill probably

Links: CIA Museum / Washington Post


4 thoughts on “THE Most Badass Handwritten Letter in Modern History

    1. I’ve read old letters from people in the 1700-1800s and they write such grace it’s amazing to see how most took the time and care to reflect on what they were truly experiencing. I think it’s because it’s so easy now and that there is a guarantee that the message will be received in seconds, rather than days-weeks-months. So its not as appreciative as one would typically treat with care


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