History’s Greatest Instagram Account – According To The Experts

Cast Of A Few, Courage Of A Nation, oil on canvas donated by Alan Seigrist and Christopher Exline to the C.I.A. on April 17, 2008, (cia.gov)

Who are these experts you ask? Those with craniums that surround their main housing unit to intellectual curiosity. This painting above had to actually be edited before it’s hanging at C.I.A. because the operator seen with a slung AK-47 pointing upwards to the rotor blades is something that one would never do. It was fixed and had the weapon re-slung but pointing downwards. This information was brought to my attention by a former C.I.A. Case Officer (think James Bond without the exceptional British accent), the type of insight one would only be able to find on Instagram’s finest history account – @LateNightHistory

Have you ever wanted to know about a war that is fought by only using alcohol; or how an 11-year old mad scientist concocted the chemical formula to create Kool-Aid; or perhaps the first superstar of America’s National Pastime?

19-century athleticism, 21st-century flow (Baseball Hall OF Fame)

Born on February 22, 2018, (officially, you may have been following me before on Twitter where I started the idea) @LateNightHistory is the home of history’s greatest tales of awesomeness. So far I have chronicled the stories of over 80+ features posted nightly in Micro Blog format. From 8:00 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time, U.S.) to Midnight, one military history, sports, interesting person, food/beverage, or culture story is retold in an entertaining fashion.

Many history accounts post the same recycled material, particularly the popular #OnThisDay in history-type posts and I think those are great. I too dabble at times, but only if they are discreet like in this hero’s case. But everybody does that. How does one set themselves apart?

Answer: witty humor, rad stories that need a little flair to come to life, and researched context to the topic at hand.

Wanting to keep this short and sweet as I know your attention span is probably fading (I have the rest of Hell On Wheels to binge and I’m only in Season 3, guess we both have it bad), check out the page and drop by by letting me know of what story is your favorite. If you’re feeling froggy, suggest me something to cover.


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