That Time A Boy Scout Troop Discovered A Top Secret Government Program

This is taken from the greatest history account on Instagram and frankly, in the universe. I posted an entire blog announcing it and update it nightly with bite-sized tales of wonder and amusement throughout history. The last few most recent stories detailed: 1). A Decorated U.S. Customs Agent Who Terrorized A Grieving Family For 21 Years, 2). The Origins of Baseball’s “Around the Horn” Tradition, 3). The WWII War Hero Who Repelled A German Counterattack With A Billion Grenades. Expect to see the same type of content throughout the backlog and future features. Now without further ado…

Standing in front of the declassified Lockheed Martin U2 Spy Plane is Francis Gary Powers. Powers was shot down over the Soviet Union during the Cold War, 1960, (NPR/AP/Allied Museum)

#LateNightHistory – That Time A Boy Scout Troop Discovered A Top Secret Government Program

No this isn’t the plot that has eerie similarities to Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things, however it’s a tale of one that could be far more damaging if it were to of happened today. During the development of the U-2 Spy Plane program, Lockheed flew shuttles of CIA employees, engineers, and other contractors back and forth between their headquarters in Burbank, CA to Area 51.

One of these flights crashed after clipping its wing into Mount Charleston in Nevada. Aboard this plane was William Marr, the chief of security for the entire U-2 project. All passengers onboard were killed and during the rescue and recovery efforts, the government knew they needed to find Marr’s briefcase as it contained highly classified documents of the project.

Unable to locate the briefcase and assuming it was destroyed in the crash, the government prepared the scene with explosives to erase the evidence of the plane. (Pictured is the Silent Heroes of The Cold War National Memorial which includes William Marr and others who were lost during their covert service)

The next summer a Boy Scout troop hiking the trails of Mount Charleston stumbled across the briefcase and the scout leader looked inside. Immediately realizing he stumbled upon something very important, the scout leader later called the FBI who relayed the information to a California-based CIA office who then came to collect their lost items avoiding further exposure to the top secret program.



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