The Album’s specialty is discovering unbelievable true stories and bringing them to life by interjecting witty pop-culture references supported by detailed research.

The Album is run by a Boston-based (US) freelance history writer named Matt who has appeared on history websites like Listverse, All That Is Interesting, and others. As a side hustle, I, Matt, volunteer for a veteran non-profit to help share the stories of the most kickass people on the planet. In addition, every night from 8:00 P.M., (EST) – Midnight, I explore, research, and share the wonders of history’s finest tales and compact them down to bite-sized stories on my Instagram page – @LateNightHistory


My Twitter @TheAlbumWeb has interactions with all of you and general tom foolery concerning the current state of the world written through 280 characters or less.

My posts are anywhere between 500-2000 words because I like covering topics in an action-packed manner that reads like the unreleased script to the original Die Hard. 

Email Contact: thealbumweb@gmail.com (Honestly I do not check this ever so hit me up on social media)