The Album is run by a Boston-based freelance writer named Matt who once completed a back flip from a hovering helicopter, has a fanatical obsession with Clemson football, possesses the ability to share an unhealthy amount of trivial facts off the cuff, engages in a tenacious pursuit  towards participating in all things awesome, enjoys occasional run-on sentences, and somehow manages to burn his tongue at least twice a week.

You can read some of my freelance articles by emailing me or heading over to my Instagram page where I often update what I’m writing there: @TheAlbumWeb – Here I also post #MicroBlogs about history’s greatest tales; books and beers; and so much more.

My Twitter @TheAlbumWeb has interactions with all of you and general tom foolery concerning the current state of the world written through 280 characters or less.

I created a separate history Instagram in form of one fact a night between 8PM and midnight EST – @LateNightHistory

My posts are anywhere between 500-2000 words because I like covering topics in an action-packed manner that reads like the unreleased script to the original Die Hard. 

Email Contact: thealbumweb@gmail.com