Shorter blogs aren’t my shtick, I prefer longer blogs. 


I said I never had much use for shorter blogs, Never said I didn’t know how to do them.

My names Matt, I live in the Boston area. My blogs are under the premise of Brain to Blog. All the thoughts straight from my brain to the blog with little to no edits or shame (Obviously I edit, I am a madman). This is a humor space where I provide pop-culture references into relatable metaphors. While at the same time experiencing with different writing styles, I understand the value and importance in establishing the appropriate tone for each story.

You can read my guest post about US Navy Beach Jumpers on SOFREP.com

A little bit about The Album

Human Hall OF Fame is a historical yet fun way to learn about an innovator, astronaut, historian, artist, chef, war hero, and any person who has made a significant impact in the world where they deserve to be celebrated for years to come. The Hall is not just a long bibliography of the person’s life the way you can look at it online, just take a gander at some of the posts and learn about the way I choose to emphasize their awesomeness.

I have a section called Sorry For Being Awesome (SFBA) where cool things will be covered that aren’t necessarily talked about unless it directly affects your life. Meaning I covered The Iditarod, which you probably have heard of but don’t know intricacies behind how seriously badass of a race it is.

I cover a variety of things that I find to be both interesting and awesome.

Favorite Sports Teams: Clemson Football, New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox

My posts are anywhere between 500-2000 words because I like covering things in depth with a lot of detail and humor. For shorter and to the point news on restaurants, video game updates and news, movies I recommend, jokes, and just personal thoughts on every day topics, come to my Twitter @TheAlbumWeb. I created an Instagram to post pics of Food/Drinks, quick blurbs of recent blogs, books I’m reading, beers I’m drinking and the #HumanHallOFFame  @thealbumweb