Forgotten Cartoons/Shows/Games From Our Childhood

I’m writing this as a 22 year old American, (I see you Brits/Canadians reading and loving my blogs!). So this list is from the 90’s/00’s era. Whenever we look back at the nostalgia of shows, cartoons, and TV hour long movie specials, we always think of cartoons like: Hey Arnold! Rocket Power, Doug, Catdog, Wild Thornberries. Disney specials like: Brink! and Johnny Tsunami. The spectacular shows like Keenan & Kel, All That, and GUTS. The Nintendo games like Golden Eye, Mario Kart and Playstation 1 games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon, and Twisted Metal.

But we forget about many of the classics that are often forgotten and nearly disappear from our memories. Weeeell I just went down a YouTube nostalgic rabbit hole of researching and reminiscing on old memories from shows I loved as a kid and now I’m typing this blog.

We’re going to start off with a banger, an absolute gem. Such a gem that I owned it on VHS. Before all you old bastards start saying, “Back in my day, we had VHS Tapes, now you kids can click a button and wham bam thank you mam, you’re watching it.” Growing up as a wee lad I watched Commando, Three Musketeers, and this cartoon when I was like 4-8 years old. And this very cartoon is none other than Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa.


(Note: This is my first gif I ever created, shouts to me, and shouts to @iamjoonlee on Twitter for showing me the way to making gifs).

This shows intro theme is a legitimately good song: Don’t believe me? Cows who are boys. Who would’ve thought. Cows/Bulls riding horses while saving a bunch of younger cows from asshole cow and skeleton bandits. Apparently Dak Prescott, the Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys is named after Dakota Duke the blue bull, that’s wild. There is a theme with the cartoons I include in this list I’m noticing, and it’s, that all the cartoons include crimefighting kickass protagonists. Maybe that’ll change, but the Bulls looking super cool shooting guns in the Wild Wild West drew my young mind in, and still does today.

The next show is another cartoon with a similar vibe. Remember The Mighty Ducks? Not Charlie Conway, I’m talking the cartoon.


How was this show not the greatest cartoon of all time? It’s literally every young boys dream to be a professional (any sport) player by day, superhero by night. Thankful for YouTube for having these old clips. How badass of a show this was; it’d be like Rocket Power except after playing street hockey all day, they then aboard their sweet spaceship to the moon and battle aliens.


Fillmore! Who remembers this show on Cartoon Network? It was AWESOME. Cornelius Fillmore was a middle school hall monitor/secret agent/badass/Mr. steal your girl. “Make Cartoons Great Again – Donald Trump” – Me. This show was a mix between CSI and Kim Possible! Fillmore and his partner, Ingrid the Third, were tasked to cases involving problems going on at the school. It was the perfect crime fighting cartoon for kids. Sadly it only had a few seasons and was cancelled, but to those who watched this gem, they relished the experience.


The Jersey was a Disney Channel show that my brother and I loved. Like I said before, what’s every young American boys dream as a kid? Professional athlete. So you’re saying their is this old “jersey” and when I put it on I get whooshed into the life of a star professional athlete? Check that gif out, a young Nick Lighter is chilling in his living room, then he’s transformed as Steve Young throwing touchdown passes on defenses eyeballs. Incredible.


Legends of the Hidden Temple was a very popular show, but often times overshadowed by other game shows like Double Dare, Double Dare 2000, and GUTS. Teams of two would have to complete in challenges to win prizes. The prizes were pretty weak, except some of those with razor scooters, which were rad. I was a ride or die Blue Barracuda. The other teams were called the Silver Snakes, Red Jaguars, Green Monkeys, Purple Parrots, and Orange Iguanas.

The show was modeled after the movie Indiana Jones. The creators wanted the show to be “a combination between Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jeopardy”. A mix between physical challenges and jeopardy-style trivia. If that doesn’t excite you right there, then get the hell out of my face. Indiana Jones is a hero of mine, name somebody as cool as Indy, I’ll wait…

People always say climbing the Aggro Crag in GUTS is the toughest, fuck that noise, I always wanted to assemble “The Shrine to the Silver Monkey”, and that was only half the battle. The Aggro Crag was all climbing, literally if you had Tarzan-like climbing skills like me, you’d win every time. The Temple Run takes your GUTS and smashes them into a trillion pieces if you can’t think on your feet. 3 minutes to complete the Temple Run through different rooms that are like a maze. Need to find out the best path through different obstacles by crawling, weaving, jumping, diving, whatever you can do.


Pull the wrong level to open the door, and a Temple Guard will scare you into next week. I also heard they are bring back this show, and if so, I hope it’s as legendary as it once was.



KaBlam! on Nickelodeon was bizarre. Rewatching old episodes are funny even today. “KaBlam! where cartoons and comics collide!”. Super unique and different and unlike anything I’ve ever seen done before or repeated since. “Action League Now” were action figures who talked in stop-animation, very funny, very odd, “You should see me naked! I’m glorious” is one line, A+ stuff right there.

This next inclusion is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) for computer games. The reason I’m including it is because I would literally play it all the time, then go watch these shows, they coincide with one another.

It’s non other than Backyard Baseball. This is the one with no athletes, no Steve Young’s or Barry Sanders’ in Backyard Football, strictly the backyard kids.


I think I could write an entire blog about this game (and maybe I will in the future). Pablo Sanchez was the greatest backyard baseball/football/soccer athlete of all time. Want to win the World Series? Here’s my lineup: 1. Pete Wheeler (CF) 2. Pablo Sanchez (SS) 3. Achmed Khan (1st Base) 4. Kiesha Phillips (Left Field) 5. Jocinda Smith (3rd Base) 6. Mikey Thomas (Catcher) 7. Vicki Kawaguchi (Pitcher), 8. Dante Robinson (Right Field). 9. Stephanie Morgan (2nd Base).

The games announcers were Sunny Day and Vinnie the Gooch. Legends. This game no longer works on Macs and I’m quite furious…

If I forgot any that I think are noteworthy to include I will update it with UPDATE:___ below the original blog. If you liked my list: Like, Share and Comment your thoughts. Follow me on Twitter: @TheAlbumWeb




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